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Buy A Fancy Nancy Doll Online

Updated on February 28, 2011
Fancy Nancy
Fancy Nancy

All About Fancy Nancy Dolls

If you have bought many of the books from the Fancy Nancy books collection you may like to buy a Fancy Nancy doll that has been produced to compliment the series.

Fancy Nancy books are wonderful little stories written for children aged four years and upwards. They are about a little girl who loves to dress up and adores the finer things in life.

There are now many versions of Fancy Nancy dolls that are available to buy. Here are just a few that you could consider purchasing as a gift for your daughter or granddaughter.

Fancy Nancy Doll

This doll is based on the beautiful illustrations that have been created for the series of books. The work was done by talented artist Robin Preiss Glasser and specific characteristics of the pictures have been incorporated into this Fancy Nancy cloth doll.

Fancy Nancy Doll
Fancy Nancy Doll

She is 18 inches tall and has wonderfully wild red hair. This particular doll has lots of cute little hair accessories like petite bows and butterflies as well as a shiny bright tiara.

The character in the book always likes to look her best and one of her trademark accessories is a pair of sunglasses.

This doll is also wearing a pair. They are pretty pink in colour and complete the whole ensemble.

Fancy Nancy Explorer Doll
Fancy Nancy Explorer Doll

Fancy Nancy Explorer Doll

This is a cloth doll and is 18 inches in height. She is based on the adventures that occur in the book called Fancy Nancy Series: Explorer Extraordinaire.

Just like the character in the books, this little figure has bright red curly hair. She has several accessories in her hair including little fabric flowers and a head band that has two bright red lady bugs sitting on the end of little antennas.

As any intrepid explorer knows, one needs to be properly dressed for an adventure and this little doll is no exception. She is wearing a jacket that is khaki coloured and it has several big pockets on the front. There is also a belt that wraps around the waist. Her outfit is finished off with a dark purple top and leggings with a frilly net skirt.

This is Fancy Nancy
This is Fancy Nancy

About The Fancy Nancy Books

The whole series of Fancy Nancy books have been written by talented author Jane O’Connor.

She describes everything so well that you really can imagine that this little girl really does exist.

If you haven’t yet discovered the delights in reading these books with your little girl, then you should think about buying at least one or two to see if your child will enjoy them.


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    I have never heard of them but they look lovely. Thank you for your hub.