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Poem - Even Death Can't Come This Far

Updated on March 12, 2017
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I have been writing intermittently for over 10 years. And I continue to write poems, stories, etc., because it is always fun to write.

Even Death Can't Come This Far

When the arrows had ceased,
And nothing was falling from the skies,
Only one person was still alive,
To scream, "This is how a warrior dies."

All the buildings were burning,
And all the towers had fallen,
There were no more knights remaining,
There was nothing more left to happen.

I couldn't recognize the trees,
The dead bodies couldn't be found,
The damage was just too sad to bear,
There was death and only death all around.

The flames were still burning high,
But it couldn't match the fire inside,
Today, death will also know its limits,
Fight hard and time will also stand aside.

There were no more houses left,
All around me there was just war,
But I didn't die, I am still alive,
To scream, "Even death can't come this far."

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