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Poem - Goodbye, Grandma

Updated on March 12, 2017
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I have been writing intermittently for over 10 years. And I continue to write poems, stories, etc., because it is always fun to write.

Goodbye, Grandma

She never told me any stories,
Though I wished she would,
But what she did do,
Was teach,
An entire town how to live good

In that way,
She became who she was,
The writer of her own story,
And there I had a special place,
As I was always her favourite,
She would never have forgotten me

But the best gift,
She gave to me,
Was the realization that,
No story is more important,
Than your own legacy

That old neighbourhood,
It just won't be,
The same it was before,
And I have no reason,
To go there again,
Like I used to anymore

At the end she remembered,
Only my father and me,
I find comfort in that,
And that she went after seeing,
All those she wanted to see

They say,
One day we all will,
Go back into Heaven's arms,
But what I will miss the most,
Is her dangerous wit,
Just another of her many charms

We have lost,
One of our greatest strengths,
The rock of my family is gone,
The family was that town's rock,
So what will be left there now?

No thug in that town,
Had more reverence than,
This mighty grandmother of mine,
Even the rains couldn't stop her,
From passing by through the streets,
But this will be for the very last time

With a tongue like a sword,
She was undefeatable,
Everybody respected her,
So when she went back to the Lord,
They must have found it unacceptable

I remember all the emotions around,
I remember my father crying,
I remember the hundreds,
Who couldn't control themselves,
All those lives she touched,
They must now be in the thousands

Up there somewhere in the sky,
You must now be comfortable,
A story anybody can write,
And it can change anytime,
But a legacy is unbreakable

I look up to the sky,
And think of what to say,
Only one thing I know for sure,
Goodbye grandma,
You can rest well now,
Now grandfather won't be lonely anymore.

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    • mastergreen profile image

      mastergreen 2 years ago

      Thank you. God bless you too.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 2 years ago from United States

      Well done tribute to your grandmother. Her rock is never gone. It is passed on to you my friend. whonu