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Sore-Gum Steer

Updated on May 3, 2011
Sore-Gum Steer
Sore-Gum Steer | Source

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to be plagued by a bout of tender gums, sensitive teeth or chafing misfit dentures, then you can surely relate to the agony this Sore-Gum Steer must be going through. (Can you imagine what it’s like trying to grind your way each day through fields of harsh reedy grasses employing just such a massive set of removable chompers!)

Like that of most mature cattle, this steer’s mouth contains 32 teeth — or, at least it does when they don’t happen to be soaking bedside in a bicarbonate solution — of which 24 are squat square molars that do the bulk of the gnashing and mashing that develops his chewy cud. But this bovine’s mouth often smarts after a day out on the meadow. The rather poor fit of his painful dentures is probably due in part to a certain veterinary prosthodontist’s fear and trepidation while conducting an extensive oral surgical procedure on a well-muscled and potentially belligerent two-ton creature with a near-8-foot horn-span.

Coincidentally, one of the best treatments for this fella’s sore gums are sorghums! Various strains of the warm climate sorghum grass are widely used as cattle fodder throughout much of Texas, Nebraska and Kansas. Millions of gallons of sorghum syrup (or sorghum molasses) made from the plants are produced in the U. S. each year.

Our sidelong-glancing steer here is particularly fond of Oberholtzer’s Kentucky Sorghum, a yummy Amish-made sweetener that’s ideal for use in pies, cakes, puddings, cookies and breads (or to simply salve on one’s aching gums).


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