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Superhero Separation, Chapter 3: The Formal Announcement

Updated on August 30, 2010

Welcome to Superhero Separation, a story of divorce, with superheroes. I definitely recommend this story for those in their teens, and possibly going through a divorce yourself. I will warn you, it isn’t pretty. The Incredibles or The Fantastic Four this isn’t.

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This Cast of Characters might help you if you get lost:

Particle Man: The leader of the Champion Quartet, he is the wife of Daydream Believer and father of Material Girl and Kodachrome. His power is over molecules, and can sense all of the molecules all around him. He can also teleport himself, other people, and things. He and his wife are separating.

Daydream Believer: The wife of Particle Man, and mother of Material Girl and Kodachrome. She has the power to see into other people’s daydreams. She also can make people daydream, thus making them not function properly.

Material Girl: Daughter of Particle Man and Daydream Believer, and brother to Kodachrome. She had the power to tear down any type of materials and reconstruct them into whatever she desires.

Kodachrome: Son of Particle Man and Daydream Believer, and sister to Material Girl. He has the power to change the color of anything. He can “color” the air to make illusions, or color himself so that he camouflages.

Chapter 3

            That Sunday, Mom woke us up to a big breakfast.  I’m not certain if she or the agency had prepared the food.  After we sat down, she said: “I’ve decided not to stay with your father anymore”. 

Katrina and I already knew that.  I wondered why she didn’t tell us that before.  Why didn’t she think that we had already figured it out?

None of us had anything to say. 

“The agency thinks that it is best that we maintain our family image.  That is why we made the announcement on the show the other day.”

Katrina stood up.  “I thought we were supposed to stand for truth and justice.  How is lying to people doing that?”

“Everyone knows that the Quartet is a family.  It would send a bad message to other families if they knew about the divorce, not to mention our enemies.”

“Did you ever think about what message it sends to us?”

“Your father and I still love the both of you.”

“The hell you do.”

Even though I felt the same way, I didn’t say it. 

The thing that I didn’t understand was why wasn’t Dad with her.  I realize that they were separating, but shouldn’t parents stay together for a little while, inform everyone that a divorce is occurring, set a date where they “unmarry”, and then be free to go their separate ways? 

The way my parents were doing it was that Dad just left Mom, tells no one, and we all pretend that it doesn’t happen.  The worst part is how well we went along with it.

I felt that if Dad simply sat us down, told us what was going on, and maybe even why, we might even understand. 

Dad would call once in a while, just to see how we were.  Our conversations were always really short.  The subject of the divorce or him being absent never comes up.    

I wanted to tell him off.  I wanted to tell him that he needs to just stop whatever he was doing and come back to Mom.  I wondered if I could threaten him with something, but that would probably make me like one of the villains that we fight. 

I wrote down something, and I even had it in my pocket when Dad called once.  I never said it, though.  I used my power to blot out everything I wrote on that paper. 

All I could think about is that some time, my Dad made some decision.  Perhaps he just looked in the mirror and said: “I can’t stand my family any longer.  I know I’m not going to be there for my kids, but I’ve got to separate.  There has got to be something better than this.”

I wanted to run away, but I realized that there really wasn’t any place to run to.  I wonder if my Dad had found something that he could run to, and why it was so much better than us.    

I never felt more helpless than I do now, except once. 

That was the day we met REPLICA.  I forget what it stood for, but it was a computer program that was supposed to be the most human artificial intelligence on Earth. 

It got smarter and smarter, and then took over a factory one day and started building a robot body for itself.  For some reason, it decided to take Particle Man’s form.  He then discovered our headquarters, and walked right in.  The agents in charge that day didn’t even check to see if it was him. 

It didn’t take us a few minutes before we realized that it wasn’t Dad.  Unfortunately, REPLICA had determined we were threats because of that, so it kidnapped us.  Since my mother’s powers to make people daydream didn’t work on a robot, it tied her up easily.  My sister and I didn’t have our powers, and she tied us up too. 

I was bound and gagged, and I figured it was just a matter of time before REPLICA would kill me.  I kept wondering how he was going to do it.  Mom used her powers on me and my sister so I would daydream happily, and that was all that could be done. 

Fortunately, Katrina got her powers that day, and she absorbed REPLICA’s metal and re-formed them into a pile of scrap. 

I remember that Dad was proud of her that day, but he was sorry that he wasn’t there for us. 

Now, he isn’t here at all.

All kinds of thoughts like this kept me up at night.  One of these nights, Katrina  came to my room, and was surprised that I was still awake too.  She asked me to follow her.  I told her that I was tired, but then she said that she had a plan to get Mom and Dad back together.  I wasn’t tired anymore when she said that. 


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