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Superhero Separation, Chapter 9: The End of My World

Updated on August 30, 2010

Welcome to Superhero Separation, a story of divorce, with superheroes. I definitely recommend this story for those in their teens, and possibly going through a divorce yourself. I will warn you, it isn’t pretty. The Incredibles or The Fantastic Four this isn’t.

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Superhero Separation, Chapter 9: The End of My World

This Cast of Characters might help you if you get lost:

Particle Man: The leader of the Champion Quartet, he is the wife of Daydream Believer and father of Material Girl and Kodachrome. His power is over molecules, and can sense all of the molecules all around him. He can also teleport himself, other people, and things. He and his wife are separating.

Daydream Believer: The wife of Particle Man, and mother of Material Girl and Kodachrome. She has the power to see into other people’s daydreams. She also can make people daydream, thus making them not function properly.

Material Girl: Daughter of Particle Man and Daydream Believer, and brother to Kodachrome. She had the power to tear down any type of materials and reconstruct them into whatever she desires.

Kodachrome: Son of Particle Man and Daydream Believer, and sister to Material Girl. He has the power to change the color of anything. He can “color” the air to make illusions, or color himself so that he camouflages.

Massacre: Undoubtedly one of the worst super-villains. Massacre was once an ordinary man who lived hundreds of years ago, and sought immortality. He cast a spell that would make it so he would never die, but could not stand an eternal life on Earth. He has figured out that the spell can be broken as long as the Earth is destroyed, and has been trying to destroy the world ever since.

Chapter 9

For a second, Massacre had thought that his drill had detonated in the Earth’s core, and the resulting explosion took out the Earth’s core.  All the Earth was now crumbling apart as it was about to become a ball of flame. 

“Oh yes!”  He said. 

I’m sure that Massacre probably thought that he was finally going to meet his death, and he stretched his arms out to receive it.  He then dropped his sword.  He would have probably stood there forever with that smile on his face and his eyes closed, but I guess he didn’t think he was getting his wish, and he opened his eyes. 

When he saw my mother, he just said: “Huh?”

When Mom was whispering into my ear, she was not comforting me.  That is what she wanted Massacre to think.  Instead she told me that his daydream was of his death.  She told me to use my color powers to make a bright flash appear before his eyes, so he would think that he was getting his wish. 

It was the perfect distraction.  Mom smacked him across the face, and he fell to the ground.  She then jumped on him beat on his face with both of her fists.  As much as I felt he deserved it, I hated to see Mom like that.  It reminded me of the incident with the cutting board when my parents separated. 

As Mom did that, Dad quickly went to the controls.  He used his powers of molecules to analyze what to do, and he hit a few switches.  The whole room lurched like an elevator that stops too quickly on a floor.  If I wasn’t already on the ground, I would have been knocked over.  I could feel the thing ascending, and it was getting cooler.

Finally Mom stopped beating on Massacre.  Of course, since Massacre couldn’t die, his face was already repairing itself.  He looked up at the monitor.

“Over five minutes to detonation?  Not cutting it very close this time, are you?  I would have thought you would have stopped me at the last second.”

“You shut up!”

“Or you’ll what?  Kill me?  Please do!  That’s all I want!”

I could hear Massacre, and I saw that there were tears running down his face.  Mom didn’t seem to pity him, but frisked him.  She found some keys, and through them to Dad. 

Dad walked over to Katrina, and took off the cuffs. 

“Dad, I…”

“Please use whatever metal you can to bind him, Material Girl.”

I think Katrina expected to hear more, but she said: “Okay”. 

Katrina used her power to bind up Massacre’s arms and legs.

“Please,” he sobbed, “please don’t put me back in that concrete.”

“Fine,” said my Dad, “we’ll put you in a cube of metal this time.”
            “Can’t you just leave me down here?”

“You’re too dangerous to…”

“I know!  I know that I’m too dangerous!  You know why, Particle Man?  My father walked out on me!  Why do you think I made that deal with the devil?  I had nothing to lose!  And look at your daughter.  What my father did to me, you do the same thing to your children!  What I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, you did to your own children!”

My Dad then gestured to Katrina, who put a gag on Massacre.  I could tell that he was still crying even though I couldn’t see him. 

Dad then pulled a lever, and we stopped. 

“I should probably get him back to prison.”

“What about us?” I said. 

“I’ll transport all of you home.”

“Will you…stay…home?”

“For a bit.  I need to get back to Claire.”

“Who’s Claire?” said my sister.

“She’s the new woman in my life.  She’s probably very worried about me.”  Dad sounded very proud of himself, for some reason. 

“So that’s it,” said Katrina, “after all he’s done…”

“After all you’ve done!” Dad suddenly got very angry.  “After what you did, I should have you put in jail.  I don’t care how old you are.  If he had killed anyone, you never would have been able to live with yourself.  Don’t you ever do that again, and don’t ever bring your brother into it.  Do you hear me?”

Katrina nodded.  Even though we were in trouble, I wanted to hear more.  Dad was now sounding like a father again.  Even if it was a father who was ready to state punishment. 

Instead, I found that I was transported into our living room, and mother and Katrina where with me.  I saw one flash of Dad, and that was about it. 

There was nothing to say.  Finally, Mom broke the silence.

“I guess I should get dinner ready.”

I wasn’t hungry, and the last thing I wanted was to sit around the table and talk about what we had experienced. 

“We’re probably going to have to move again, but not right now.” She added. 

“Good.” Said my sister.  I think she wanted to change her name once again.  Katrina was the one she had from a while ago. 

“I’m sure that you’re quite behind on school.  Why don’t you call your friends, and see if you can’t get caught up.”

Mom went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and then shut it. 

“You know,” she said, “I’m going to order a pizza.”

I went into my room, and sat on my bed.  I was too energized by that encounter to sleep.  I suppose that all our enemies teaming up together would make a great issue of our comic, but the issue would never show me like this. 

I sat back and, for a second, I wished that the bright light that I had given Massacre was the real explosion at the Earth’s core, that the whole world had been destroyed.  I then wondered what would have happened if the bombs would have gone off, but maybe the big drill would not be destroyed.  Then Mom and Dad would have had to get back together, just so the human race would live. 

I then wondered if I would kill the entire world just so I could get what I wanted.  I always thought I was one of the good guys, but I don’t even think Massacre thinks like I am thinking now. 

I looked up on my shelf and saw a photo of the Champion Quartet.  It was taken by some photographer at some paper, and I heard he even got a prize for it.  It was the day when Dad and Mom revealed to the world that we were a family of crimefighters.  It wasn’t long after that when we faced that really easy villain Homecoming Queen, and I loved what we would do.  It was a life of true adventure, and Mom and Dad were there to back us up. 

Today, I remember what it was like, and I will never have it again. 

There are no more good guys anymore.  We put on masks and costumes so we can pretend that we fight against the bad, but we really can’t help that we are bad in the first place. 

            How could Dad do this to us?  How could Mom do nothing about it?  How could Katrina do what she did?  Why did I go along with it all? 

            Why didn’t I stop the terrifying even from taking place?  Isn’t that what heroes are supposed to do? 


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