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Superhero Separation, Chapter 2: The Television Broadcast

Updated on August 30, 2010

Welcome to Superhero Separation, a story of divorce, with superheroes. I definitely recommend this story for those in their teens, and possibly going through a divorce yourself. I will warn you, it isn’t pretty. The Incredibles or The Fantastic Four this isn’t.

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This Cast of Characters might help you if you get lost:

Particle Man: The leader of the Champion Quartet, he is the wife of Daydream Believer and father of Material Girl and Kodachrome. His power is over molecules, and can sense all of the molecules all around him. He can also teleport himself, other people, and things. He and his wife are separating.

Daydream Believer: The wife of Particle Man, and mother of Material Girl and Kodachrome. She has the power to see into other people’s daydreams. She also can make people daydream, thus making them not function properly.

Material Girl: Daughter of Particle Man and Daydream Believer, and brother to Kodachrome. She had the power to tear down any type of materials and reconstruct them into whatever she desires.

Kodachrome: Son of Particle Man and Daydream Believer, and sister to Material Girl. He has the power to change the color of anything. He can “color” the air to make illusions, or color himself so that he camouflages.

Chapter 2

It was the day when ten agents came to our home and announced that our parents were going to be on the Jack Jackson show.  I didn’t really like that talk show, but I liked seeing us on TV.

Katrina and I wondered why we weren’t on the show.  The agency had trained us about what to say and what not to say when we were on camera, and we had done it several times, usually after missions. 

They didn’t answer us, and told me it was important that we watch it. 

So Katrina and I, along with a crowd of agents, sat in the room and watched.  Mom and Dad were not going to be on until a half-hour into the show.  I could tell what was going to happen when I noticed that with the agents was our counselor.  I also noticed that when Jack Jackson delivered his monologue, the agents laughed, but it was far too nervous. 

Today was going to be the day when the split-up would be official.

Finally, after a bad commercial, Jack welcomed my parents on.  He welcomed them like all of his guests.

“Well, Particle Man, it is good to see you.  I’ve heard that you have been pretty busy lately.”

“Thank you, Jack.”

He turned to my mother.  “And Daydream Believer, heard from the Homecoming Queen lately?”

The Homecoming Queen was some girl who said she was Daydream Believer’s greatest nemesis.  She got the idea of her name from the same song that Mom had taken her name from.  I heard it once.  Something about a “Daydream believer and a homecoming queen”.  The Homecoming Queen’s costume was a fancy dress, with a sash and a tiara.  Her real name was something like Jane Coznick, or something.  Even though she said she was a real homecoming queen at her high school, she wasn’t.  Mom told me that she had some sort of neurosis.  Even though I don’t know what that is, I had figured that one out. 

Mom said she was jealous of the real homecoming queen, and she didn’t have any powers.  She was super easy to stop, as her “parade float of doom” ran out of gas before it could run over all the cars on the freeway.  It was my first mission when we stopped her, and even though she was a weak villain, it was the most fun that I ever had. 

“Jane is still recovering.  Last time I heard, she still had that book deal.”

“So,” said Jack, “she tries to destroy you and your family, and extends her fifteen minutes of fame.  Speaking of your family, where are your kids?”

“They’re at home,” said my Dad, “it is a school night.”

The audience laughed. 

Dad’s smile didn’t last long.  “Actually, it is because of them that we have chosen to be here today.”

“Yes, I figured that.  Thank you for appearing here, by the way, I know you guys don’t like to make appearances like this.”

“I think it is important for everyone to know this.  My wife and I have been fighting for truth and justice for many years, and I’ve been more than grateful for the addition of our kids.  However, for personal reasons, we have chosen a separation.”

I think Katrina and I both knew that it was coming.   I saw that our counselor had moved closer in behind us.  She actually was the person that I didn’t want to see.  I couldn’t believe that Mom and Dad had chosen to announce their divorce to their world, and not to us first.  I didn’t want to hear the words divorce in my family.  I always hoped that it would just happen to other kids, and not me.

Then Mom suddenly spoke up.  “You see, our family has fought well together, but we can now fight apart.  Our children are old enough to fight on their own.  This city is too big for the Champion Quartet to concentrate our firepower in one area, and so we must divide and conquer.  This is why you have not seen us fight together recently.”

For a few seconds, I thought that everything was going to be okay.  I thought that Mom and Dad were not going to separate at all, and that we have going through was something that the agency wanted, so Katrina and I could eventually go solo.  We always knew that is what was supposed to happen, but I just figured that day was more years ahead. 

“Well,” said Jack, “we’re pleased to have you on the show.  In fact, if you want to make any other announcements in the future, we’re always glad to have you on.  You guys are always superheroes in my book.”

“We’re super-human,” said my father, “but we are still human.”

One of the agents went and turned off the television.  He then looked around the room.  It was like he had something to say, but couldn’t figure out what. 

Katrina stood up.  “He lied.”

The agents looked nervous.  I felt very uncomfortable too. 

“Dad and Mom are getting separated, aren’t they?  You put this on so people still think that Particle Man and Daydream Believer are still together.”

No one answered her. 

“Why are you all ignoring this?  My father hasn’t been home in two months.  Isn’t my father supposed to work for you?  What are going to do about this?”

My sister then picked up the remote control from the television and hurled it at the screen.  The television wasn’t one of those flatscreens, so the glass shattered and the remote control and remained in the box. 

The agents began to get very nervous.  I saw several of them go to their mobile phones, and dialed a number that was only one red button. 

My Mom appeared in the room. My Dad must have teleported her there, and I saw him for a second.  As usual, he didn’t stay around.  It was hard to believe that it had been gone for two months. 

Mom looked at Katrina, and the agents cleared the room. 

“Fix that,” she said to Katrina. 

Even though we weren’t allowed to use our powers in the house, Katrina pointed her left hand to the screen.  The broken glass did that stringy thing that it always did when Katrina used her Material Girl power.  As the glass was drawn into her fingers like a stream, she then pointed with her right hand, and the strings came out again to re-form a perfect TV screen. 

The remote control was still inside the TV, but I didn’t mention it. 

“Go to your room.”

“Gladly,”  Katrina said as she left. She then said: “Maybe I’ll just stay there!” after she had left the room.   

            I then saw a clipboard that one of the agents had left behind.  I saw the words written in all capitals.  They matched what Dad had said, exactly. 

            Mom walked up to me and took the clipboard away before I could finish reading it.  She then got to her knees. 

            “Did you see the show?”


            “What did you think?”

            I pretended that I believed what she said on the show. 

            “I don’t know if I’m ready to go solo.”

            “Me neither.”


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