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Superhero Separation, Chapter 6: After the Breakout

Updated on August 30, 2010

Welcome to Superhero Separation, a story of divorce, with superheroes. I definitely recommend this story for those in their teens, and possibly going through a divorce yourself. I will warn you, it isn’t pretty. The Incredibles or The Fantastic Four this isn’t.

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This Cast of Characters might help you if you get lost:

Particle Man: The leader of the Champion Quartet, he is the wife of Daydream Believer and father of Material Girl and Kodachrome. His power is over molecules, and can sense all of the molecules all around him. He can also teleport himself, other people, and things. He and his wife are separating.

Daydream Believer: The wife of Particle Man, and mother of Material Girl and Kodachrome. She has the power to see into other people’s daydreams. She also can make people daydream, thus making them not function properly.

Material Girl: Daughter of Particle Man and Daydream Believer, and brother to Kodachrome. She had the power to tear down any type of materials and reconstruct them into whatever she desires.

Kodachrome: Son of Particle Man and Daydream Believer, and sister to Material Girl. He has the power to change the color of anything. He can “color” the air to make illusions, or color himself so that he camouflages.

Massacre: Undoubtedly one of the worst super-villains. Massacre was once an ordinary man who lived hundreds of years ago, and sought immortality. He cast a spell that would make it so he would never die, but could not stand an eternal life on Earth. He has figured out that the spell can be broken as long as the Earth is destroyed, and has been trying to destroy the world ever since.

Chapter 6

I was able to make it out of the compound and back to my room easily.  As soon as I put my head on the pillow, I heard the sound of an alarm. 

            Mom was immediately in my room after that.  I thought that she was going to wake me up and tell me about the jailbreak, but she just came to check on me.  I pretended that I was asleep. 

            She then went to Katrina’s room, and then started to call her name.  I heard her swear, and then I heard Dad’s voice.  Mom must have called him, and he must have teleported into the house in the usual spot. 

            “I can’t find her, and there is a ladder that she must have made out of her room.  Do you think she tried to help out in the jailbreak?”

            “I was just there, and I didn’t see her.”

            “You should get back.”

            “There’s no point.  I was able to capture some of the criminals, but most have got away.”

            “Who is out?”

            “REPLICA, the Toymaster Leaders, Surgeon, and Massacre.”

            “How did he…”

            “We don’t know, but he apparently caused the whole breakout.”

            The next few days were difficult, as many of our greatest enemies were on the loose.  For the sake of my safety, I was told to stay at headquarters, and the guard was on duty.  If any of the villains tried to attack us directly, I didn’t hear about it.  The crisis was so bad that school was closed. 

            Mom and Dad were out putting bad guys behind bars once again.  I think they felt that without Katrina, I was unprotected.  It was tough to pretend that I didn’t know where Katrina was.  

Late at night, Mom would come home, and Dad might stay the night.  I was usually asleep by then.  Sometimes I would wake up and see him sleeping on the floor in my room.  It was great to see him again, and I began to wonder if Katrina’s plan was working. 

One day, I woke up and turned on the television.  I saw that all of our villains were now at large, and the newscasters said that the city was practically under siege.  I then wondered if Katrina’s plan to bring our parents back together included all of these people being hurt. 

Dad had been sleeping on the couch, and he got up to turn off the TV.

“Don’t worry.  We will stop them.”


“Yes.  You, me, your mother, and your sister.  I’m sure she is out there fighting.  She is pretty powerful.”

It felt good to hear Dad talking about us as a family.  “Shouldn’t we be out there now, Dad?”

“I would if it was one incident.  It is too many to stop.”

“Then what do we do?”

“Fights aren’t won with your fists, son.  It’s with your mind.”

Dad pointed to his head, and he reminded me of my teacher. 

“What do you mean?”

“Come with me.”

Dad transported me to a place that the agency calls The War Room.  He took me to this one table that had a map of the city.  There were marks all over it over different colors. 

“Okay, Kodachrome.  These are the places where there are raiding.  It doesn’t really make sense.  They aren’t robbing banks or jewelry stores.  Instead, they seem to be robbing the buildings for the sake of the metal girders.  What does that tell you?”

I told him that I didn’t know, but I wished I did.

He smiled.  “It means that they are organized.  They want the metals instead of the valuables, so they probably have a plan.  They’re probably building something.”


“Probably the usual Weapon of Mass Destruction.  Villains are always trying to use it, or threaten to use it.”

“Where are they building it?”

“That’s just it.  They go off the map when they go off this map.  They must have something that can render them invisible.”

There was a call on the comlink.  It was Mom. 

“I believe that I found something.  Can you meet me at these coordinates?”

“Kodachrome and I will be right there.”

Dad stretched out his hand.  “We should go.”

Dad didn’t have to extend his hand.  He could just teleport me without touching.  I think he wanted to show that he wanted to know that he cared about me without even saying it.  I wish he would say it.  Perhaps he doesn’t say it because he doesn’t want me around.  It didn’t feel that way, though. 

I found myself somewhere outside of the city, in a forest area.  Mom was standing out in the middle of the road. 

“I can sense them pass over.”



The Toymasters were a group of alien kids that rode on flying skateboards.  There were two groups.  One had these Frisbees that would explode when they were thrown, and the others had yo-yos that could be used like whips.  The Frisbee group and yo-yo group loved to play war, and they would fly on their skateboards to planets to have their fights.  When they came to Earth, they destroyed most of the city until we put their leaders away. They were always new recruits for the group, and they were a constant enemy.

“Why can’t we see them?”

“The Inventor.  He’s using his invisible powder on them.”

“Our enemies are working together.  I guess it was just a matter of time.  What are they planning?”

“They are imagining a tower, one that is the middle of a lot of snow.”

“Are they in the mountains, then?”

“It’s too flat.  I would say one of the poles.  I can’t tell which.”

Mom was good at seeing others daydreams and projecting them, but she often didn’t see specific thoughts.

“That might be enough.  Son, can you make a patch of fog over there?  The biggest that you can.”

“No problem, Dad.”

Dad was there when I first made fog with my powers.  The trick is to concentrate not on making the fog, but just a certain percentage of particles in the air. 

After a while, there was as disturbance in the fog that was not the wind. 

“There.  We had better follow behind in a straight line.”


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