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Part 6 of The Family Sarnath: Baseball, Apple Pie, and Slimy Black Tentacles

Updated on May 31, 2011

Chapter 12: Dagon eats Dolly.

For many parents, a change in their child's demeanor is the first warning sign of potential drug abuse. For Mr. and Mrs. Keane, the change in Billy was the first warning sign that he was going to sacrifice his younger sister Dolly to the immortal fish-god Dagon. Unlike Billy, Dolly had not taken to her new amphibious sibling, and missed no opportunity to intimidate The P.J. with her massive advantage in girth.  This was, to Billy, an open declaration of war. Sibling conflicts had always been a normal part of the Keane household, but Billy took them to a whole new level. Not only were the threats of ritual murder disturbing enough, but on more than one occasion Dolly awoke to find a levitating, naked Billy floating above her bed, muttering chants in a foreign tongue lost eons ago. While Dolly promised to divulge her older brother's nefarious activities to their parents, Billy's threat of informing her classmates of her enduring issues with nightly incontinence assured her silence. Evidently for Dolly, the mere thought of the humiliation accompanying bed-wetting was worth her very life. And so, on the night of a full moon, little Dolly disappeared, and the morning found two very jovial and giddy young boys: Billy and P.J.

One of Lovecraft's most popular Tales! Highly Recommended.

Chapter 13: Deep Trouble

Granted, the chubby, round-headed kid with a loose grip on reality was not mourned by Mr. and Mrs. Keane, but the point was this: Billy was now acting on his own authority, and even Dagon himself could not allow such a breech of the hierarchical system that so defined the government of the Deep Ones. Oddly, it was The P.J. who'd encouraged such hubris in the young Billy, a priest of the highest order in his kingdom below the sea.

Whatever the case, Mr. and Mrs. Keane were now finally ready to take on the roles of disciplinarians. After all, Billy was literally two-feet tall, and despite all his occultic scholasticism, no spell in the universe could help him from being drop-kicked into oncoming traffic by the six and a half foot tall Mr. Keane. Billy however, had been planing for this day of reckoning.

One of the very few Lovecraft inspired movies worth watching.


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