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The Journal of Fate -Part Five-

Updated on January 28, 2013
The Journal of Fate
The Journal of Fate

The Journal of Fate; Part 5

This is the Journal of Fate Part Five. To start at the beginning or where you left off, please select one of the following links.

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Feel free to leave helpful feedback as it will only better me as a writer. Please keep in mind that this is not the conclusion and there will be more parts to come, thank you.

The Journal of Fate -Part V-

The days flew by that month, sadly, Bobby and I hardly got to spend much time together. He was busy preparing himself and getting his life in order before he left. It was an early Monday morning when he departed. All of our friends and family showed up at the recruiting station to see him off. My mother came with to lend me support in my moments of weakness, which I was tremendously grateful for. There were several inches of snow left upon the ground and everyone huddled closely together for warmth.

Bobby had a small sack filled with hygienic goods and some money for their stops along the way. He was wearing a grey wool coat that hung over the top of his legs and blue jeans. He held me close and I attempted to remember everything about this moment; the way he looked the way he smelled and the way his eyes would glimmer when he looked at me. Just as the sun began to rise over the city, a bus pulled up and stopped. It was getting colder by the minute and the crowd began getting antsy. As he withdrew from me I began to cry, yet, I had done the majority of my crying the night before. In his last words he said

“I love you and I will be home before you know it. Make sure you write me whenever you can.” I attempted to speak, but, only a sob came out. He gave me a final hug and a kiss, said his goodbyes to the crowd and thanked them all for coming. He then boarded the bus. My mother was quick to comfort me and held me as the bus drove away. The crowd dispersed quickly and there was a strong breeze as the sun lifted higher in the sky. My mother and I then began to walk home and it felt as if a stake was being driven into my heart with each step I took.

When we arrived home I tossed my coat onto the floor, ran up to my room, threw myself onto my bed, grabbed my pillow and cried. It felt as if it was forever and didn’t seem real. Before I know it, I was asleep. I had dreamt Bobby and I were getting married. We were in the Catholic Church right off of 2nd Street and Main. The pews were filled with what seemed like everyone from our city. Bobby was standing before me with the pastor speaking beside us. I then glanced into the audience and no one was there. I then turned back to where Bobby was standing aghast and he had gone too. All of a sudden the floor gave way and I was in the midst of a free fall. I crashed into a house from the sky as if I was a bomb.

I landed lying in my own bed, unsure if I was still dreaming I crawled out of the covers and walked toward the window. When I looked outside I could see Bobby standing in a trench with a rifle in his hands. Behind him, a gloomy mist rose and engulfed him; I presumed it to be mustard gas. He hit the ground coughing and began crawling toward me. It was almost as if I was there and before I knew it I was laying back in my bed coughing. It was now noon and I presumed I was beginning to become sick as I ventured the cold several hours before. I walked over to my small white desk which sat in the corner of my blue room next to the window. I grabbed a piece of paper and began writing Bobby everything I couldn’t say earlier. Grandma stopped talking and then picked up the Journal. Inside she pulled out a worn letter which had obviously seen many years; I presumed it to be the letter she wrote for Bobby during training. She began reading from the journal before she moved to the letter.

Date Unknown: Basic training was hell and sadly it was only the fourth week or so. I am unsure of the date as it all seems like a blur. The hardest thing for me to adjust to was giving up my humanity. I do realize we are learning to take instant obedience to orders, but, do we really have to yell every time?

“Alright Maggots!” The drill sergeant screamed.

“Looks like someone love’s you enough to send you some Dear John letters” The drill sergeant then began reading off names. After several names were called my name was called and I ran up to claim my mail. Once we were excused to read them I hurried over to my cot and began opening my first letter. It smelled of perfume so I knew it was from Elizabeth, I then began to read. Grandma then picked up the letter and began reading from it.

Dear Robert,

I love and miss you so much. The funny thing is that it has only been a couple hours since you left. I’m sorry I was unable to say goodbye and reciprocate my feelings. I hope you are doing well and don’t miss home too much. How was the bus ride there? Have you made any friends; this is if you even have the time to make friends. I had the most awful dream this morning and I wish you were here to comfort me.

Wow, this is extremely hard. I have so many things to say and I just don’t know how to say them. There is so much I want to ask and tell you. I realize you must not have a lot of time to reply to my letters, but, I hope they may bring you comfort. So tell me what it is like there, hopefully you aren’t getting yelled at too much. Mother tells me you will come home as skinny as a rail from eating slop and being stressed out. Just write and tell me if you would like me to send you anything. I love you Bobby and cannot wait to see your smile once again, I miss you so much.

-P.S. As you can see I am not the greatest writer in the world and hopefully I won't have to practice much more after this.

Yours truly,

Elizabeth A. Turner

Grandma replaced the letter and read the last line for the day in Bobbys journal. At the bottom of the letter there was a red kiss which made me miss her more. Soon enough I will be home holding her once more. But, for now I must carry on with my duties.


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