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The Journal of Fate -Part Four-

Updated on March 10, 2013
The Journal of Fate
The Journal of Fate

The Journal of Fate; Part 4

This is the Journal of Fate Part Four. To start at the beginning or where you left off, please select one of the following links.

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The Journal of Fate -Part 4-

The sun had set and the street lights gave off a feint glow along 3rd street. Not a single creature stirred in the night and the city was as peaceful as it could be. The only sound being emitted was from my boots as I trudged through the snow. I enjoyed the crunching beneath me as it felt as if the sound warmed the night. I was on my way to Elizabeth’s to tell her the news. She will be quite mad with me, but, it was not Elizabeth’s way to stay mad. If anything, she will be hurt and it will ultimately crush her heart which will feel as if it were my own.

I arrived at her house which matched the white snow. It was a small one story home with two windows on both sides of a blue door. The door had a small wreath hugging it with a Merry Christmas welcome mat at the basin. The snowman that she and I created several days ago stood in-between the door and the window on the right side of the yard. It was nothing spectacular, the typical three balls of snow piled on top of one another, two rocks for the eyes, a carrot as a nose and a red scarf that Elizabeth’s mother had knitted. I knocked on the door and waited several seconds before Elizabeth’s mother answered.

“Bobby, what a pleasant surprise, let me go get Elizabeth. Would you like to come in?”

“No, thank you ma’am, I won’t be staying long.” I replied.

“Alright, let me go grab her.” She said. Moments later Elizabeth arrived at the door.

“Bobby, what are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you Elizabeth.”

“Is something the matter Bobby?” she replied hesitantly as she was unsure of what I would need to talk to her about at this hour.

“Can you come out here?” I said.

“Sure, let me grab my coat” seconds later she reappeared and closed the door behind her. I was glad she did as I wanted us to be in private. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight. It was as if the light was dancing upon her, entwining within the curls of her hair. She was wearing a fitting bright red coat with black buttons that presented themselves as if they were on top of a dice. The coat had sat comfortably on top of her hips and I figured her legs must be cold as she was wearing pajama bottoms that draped over her white wool boots. She looked like a black sheep here in the night as she brought so much color and light to the world around.

“What is it Bobby?” her voice rang as if it were a church bell in the night.

“Elizabeth, I’m not sure how to tell you this.” I paused to think of the exact words to say, yet all seemed awful. I suppose the best way is to be direct rather than letting her ride an emotional roller coaster as I beat around the bush.

“Elizabeth, I had joined the Army and I will be leaving in a month.” Once I finished she remained expressionless and motionless. The glimmer in her golden eyes dissipated and she stared off into oblivion. Grandma stopped reading from the journal and said

“I couldn’t believe it” Bobby had applied to so many colleges and was accepted to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I suppose I had it in my mind that we would be together forever and that he would be where ever I was. So I did what any girl would do in that situation, I yelled.

“What do you mean you joined the Army? I can’t believe you! And the fact that you didn’t tell me! Who else knew? Or did you decide to go out on another whim!” The last time he did something like this was when he swam across the Manistee River in the middle of winter as a challenge, he nearly killed himself that day. In some ways his selfishness was admirable. When he had a dream he would stop at no costs to get there. Yet, he would not think how his actions would impact those around him. He had a thirst for adventure and challenge. So as mad as I was at him, I wasn’t surprised. That night was like a tidal wave ripping through a calm sea. He said to me

“Elizabeth, I know you’re sad and it may seem as if your world has been turned upside down. But, just know that I still love you and will always love you, for as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west my heart is yours. We will make it through this now and forever. You know who I am, and what I must do. This is why I am asking you to stand beside me through it all. Elizabeth Anne Turner, will you take this ring as a promise to me; a promise to walk with me amongst the dark and to shine in the light. A promise that one day soon, I shall take your hand in marriage.” I had begun to sob. He then wiped away my tears and took me into his arms. I felt as if my world had shattered, it almost seemed too surreal to fathom. I half believed I was dreaming and that at any moment my mother would wake me up and tell me to get dressed for school. Through my tears, pain and anguish I mustered out a response

“Yes.” (Continue on to Part 5)


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