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The Journal of Fate -Part Two-

Updated on January 28, 2013

The Journal of Fate Part 2

This is the Journal of Fate Part Two. To start at the beginning or where you left off, please select one of the following links.

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Feel free to leave helpful feedback as it will only better me as a writer, thank you.

Short Story

Grandma then stopped reading from the journal and closed it. Just as she had, Grandpa continued the story, but from his point of view.

“Lieutenant Andrews, we have just ambushed a small German patrol moving north on Yankee. We have managed to capture and question a wounded soldier who passed away soon after. He was claiming that there will be a larger element moving through the city within the next 24 hours.”

Lieutenant Andrews was a tall man with broad shoulders and a strong jaw line. He looked like your typical football quarterback and I wondered if he had played football when he was younger. He had a prominent nose and green eyes which distinguished him from everyone else. Lieutenant Andrews replied

“Thank you Sergeant Monroe, Are there any friendly casualties?”

“Negative sir” I said.

“I’ll be out in a moment to assess the situation, carry on Sergeant ”

“Roger that sir” I said.

There was a single light that illuminated the lieutenant’s desk. The rest of the building was dark, cold, and drab. It looked as if all color and life had been sucked right out. It was unbelievable to think that at one point this establishment was someone’s home. On my way out I noticed a ragged doll in a blue dress next to the door that reminded me of my sister’s. It seemed like just yesterday I was home on my family’s farm in Nebraska. This house reminded me a lot of it too for it had a stable next to the structure and an adjacent barn in which the platoon was residing in. Yet, it was not comforting for me as I was already home sick. The irony of it is that as much as I wanted to leave Nebraska to explore the rest of the world, I couldn’t wait to return. But, I suppose that is how life is the grass is always greener on the other side. Yet, once you get there it’s just as brown as everywhere else. It makes you realize how good you actually had it and how foolish you were for leaving. Years of war ravaged the city and the barn was riveted with holes, miraculously it was still standing and it provided good shelter from the inclement weather. Corporal Jones was lighting up a cigarette as I approached the barn.

“Jones, hit me up with a smoke” I said. He gave me his then reached into his pocket and took one out for himself.

“How are you holding up Jones?” I said.

“Not bad Corporal, just thinking about the family is all.” He replied.

Jones’ just recently became a father to a baby boy; they decided to call him Mathew. I wondered what traits he might receive from his dad. Jones had small ears, a crooked nose and his eyes were a deep brown that would often look black at times. I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what his wife looked like so it was difficult to imagine the baby looking any different than his father. The lieutenant then walked up to join us smoking.

“Good Afternoon Sir.” Jones said.

“Did you just get off post Jones?” said the lieutenant.

“Yes sir.”

“Tell me about the patrol that just moved through here.” he replied.

“I was just about to get off of post when I noticed a German Half Track rolling south on Cardinal.” said Jones. Cardinal was the road running perpendicular at the east end of the city. We had named the roads after birds as we didn’t understand the French names. The lieutenant interrupted him

“What post were you on Jones?”

“Sorry sir, I was on Post 1, the bell tower at the east end of the city just off of Cardinal and Warbler.” Warbler was essentially the main street which ran down the center of the city. Jones continued to speak

“They then turned west onto Warbler and made their way to Finch when we opened fire.” Finch ran parallel with Cardinal and intersected Warbler in the center of the city.

“Smith was standing Post 2 on top of the market at the corner of Warbler and Finch when he opened fire with the Browning machine gun. Poor bastards didn’t stand a chance since it had an open top. Third squad moved in to secure the area where they found the wounded soldier who said a larger element was moving in within the next twenty four hours.” Jones finished and waited for the lieutenant’s reply

“Jones, see if that halftrack still runs and move it to the corner of Blue-Jay and Cardinal. Dismount the MG42 from the halftrack and find some way to neutralize the vehicle. Monroe, ensure that the MG42 finds a good home” Jones and I responded simultaneously

“Yes Sir.”

Grandpa had then stopped telling the story to use the bathroom. Melissa had stopped watching television and was now sitting next to grandma on the couch. Grandma said

“Looks like the storm has moved through. Would you like to go outside James?” I responded quickly

“No, you and grandpa haven’t finished telling the story yet.” Melissa spoke up

“Grandma I’m hungry, will you go make us something to eat?” Grandma began to get up and said

“I’ll go fix something to eat now” Grandpa returned and sat back down in his chair which faced the fire place.


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    • A K Turner profile image

      Joseph A K Turner 5 years ago from West Yorkshire

      Another winner, I guess I will be reading the three parts tonight after all.