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The Journal of Fate -Part Three-

Updated on January 28, 2013
The Journal of Fate
The Journal of Fate
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam | Source

The Journal of Fate Part Three

This is the Journal of Fate Part Three. To start at the beginning or where you left off, please select one of the following links.

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The Journal of Fate -Part Three-

Melissa spoke up

“Grandpa, what is a MG42?” Grandpa laughed and replied

“It was a common German machine gun during World War Two.” Melissa then asked

“Where did you put it grandpa?” Grandpa responded and we were brought back to 1944;

“Jones, go grab Smith and Johnson and get them to help you move the track and MG42. I want you to place the MG42 on post 3”.

Post 3 was on the third floor of the Command Center, more commonly known as the COC. This is where the Lieutenant’s desk was on the first floor. The post over looked much of the city as the farm house was taller than most of the buildings in the area. It was our last line of defense to stop the enemy from moving reinforcements and supplies to their units. When the Germans invaded France the city turned into a ghost town. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were several residents left hiding, God help them if the Nazi’s should move through, they were highly mechanized using Panzer’s to decimate their enemy’s. Many countries fell to the Nazi’s Blitzkrieg, but, instead of learning from Poland’s defeat they continued to use World War One strategies. Jones replied

“Yes Sergeant” and hurried into the barn to grab the others.

Grandma had just finished making supper so the three of us made our way into the dining room that was positioned just off the living room. We were having a roast with steamed potatoes and carrots, it smelled delicious and my stomach was rumbling. One thing I had always loved about visiting was the food. Mom and dad were not the greatest cooks so we would eat out often. We all sat down at the large cedar table and then grandma asked me if I would like to say thanks and so I began

“Dear Lord, bless this meal that stands before us and please see that the less unfortunate are provided for too. I thank you for this moment to spend time with my family as I will cherish it forever. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen”.

I had never really bought into religion. It is hard for me to believe that out of all the religions in the world, Christianity should be the right one. Nevertheless, I do believe there is something larger than me and that I should give thanks. Dinner was silent except for the occasional clanging of silverware. As I ate I wondered why grandma had Robert’s journal and why grandpa has never spoke of the war before. After dinner, we all headed back to the living room and grandma picked up the journal and began to read.

Monday, January 8th, 1937 is a day I will remember forever. It is the day I signed up to become a proud member of the US Army. The day started out cold, just below freezing and we had just received a fresh coat of snow the night before. There were several people shoveling their driveways who didn’t pay attention to me as I walked down 4th street. There was nothing but a single set of tire tracks marking the road and the snow glitter in the light. I was on my way to the recruiting office and nothing could stop me. My parents didn’t condone my decision, yet, they supported me regardless. My father wished to see me off to play football and my mother hopes for me to wed Elizabeth. Perhaps all in good time, but, as of now, my calling is elsewhere. I had always imagined myself a leader of soldiers and strived to lead by example. The average person just doesn’t understand this; I suppose I am what you call an anomaly. I have yet to tell Elizabeth, which will probably lead to disaster when I do. But, I don’t want her to impact my decision for this is my dream.

When I arrived, the recruiter stood up and greeted me at the door and said

“Good morning son, what can I do for you?” I then replied with

“Well sir, I am here to join the Army”.

I thought about being a smart ass and asking

“Why else am I here?”

But, despite the thought, it wasn’t in my nature. He was a rather short man, with brown hair and a stocky build. His eyes were dark and sly which made him appear mischievous. His nose was pointed and had a dashing smile; I have seen him around town recruiting the older boys. I could see how many would fall victim to his charm; He seemed skeptical at the ease of the situation and asked

“Well, are you trying to dart the law?” I then replied

“Negative Sir”.

He then told me to take a seat in a chair that faced his desk. The room was small and well lit. The walls were filled with recruiting posters, one of the notorious Uncle Sam that had been used for the past twenty years. The recruiter then sat down in front of me, he seemed slightly puzzled and asked a series of question, all in which seemed pre-meditated.

“Are you running from the law, Do you have flat feet, Do you wear corrective lenses”

All of my answers were no, he must of thought it was too easy. He then had me sign several papers and said

“Congratulations son, this is the best decision you have ever made, you won’t regret it.”

I wasn’t sure if I would or wouldn’t, but, only time will tell. The recruiter then told me when I would be leaving for training, which was approximately a month from now. It was an exhilarating feeling as I walked to the door, I was fulfilling my dream and I couldn’t be more anxious already. Now, it is time to tell Elizabeth of the news.


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      Joseph A K Turner 5 years ago from West Yorkshire

      read and read, good stuff!