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The Maiden and the Mare

Updated on July 31, 2013

Pounding, thumping, pumping,

Beating sprays of hard-caked earth

Into the air.

As charcoal grey hooves

Of a large Bay mare appear.

Springing effortlessly through

The tall swaying grasses

Growing peacefully there.

Urged onward, faster and faster,

By her little Maiden fair

With her long locks

Of crimson gold flowing hair.

Stopping only in the clear

To kneel

And for a moment the earth’s

Sweet sunny warmth to feel.

Then off again on their heels,

The little Maiden and her mare.

Searching quietly for their Secret trail.

Quicken the pace now, with care,

She cannot be late

For the one that awaits her there.

Into the dense woods,

Through scattering piles of leaves,

Without a moment to spare.

Alas! That certain glade

Has drawn near.

Tumbling down to the ground

Standing on feet

That are bare.

Staring starkly at him

Through the early morn’s

Bright golden glare.

He has come for her

With gifts to bear.

One a flower, a single delicate rose

For her crimson gold flowing hair.

The other a sugar cube

For her stately mare.

This been done off they run.

Two strong, fleet-footed horses,

Carry the pair

Racing back to the clear.

With his heart pounding

In his chest he stops

There and breathlessly watches,

As his lovely little Maiden fair

Prances throughout

The far-reaching clear.

With her a red, red rose

Whose color can be shamed

Only by his love’s

Lips and hair.

Oh! A beauty, what a

Lovely little Maiden fair,

With the summer’s sunlight

Shimmering through her long

Crimson, gold, flowing hair.

A kiss from her, shall he dare?

Never may she be aware.

Oh! That lovely little Maiden fair;

The one astride that large Bay mare.

That one with the long flowing

Crimson sun golded hair.

The Maiden and the Mare by Daelyn H. Appleton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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