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The One: Upside down

Updated on July 10, 2011

When I was a kid, my friend told me…we could stop our tears from flowing if we stand upside down.

Have you learnt it?

Do a handstand when you want to cry…

When you feel the tears coming, just prop yourself upside down…And it won’t flow out -Meteor Garden

I’m crazy…really am for thinking to try that one. Though I can’t handstand, I’m halfway to try that just so these tears would stop from flowing. Again warm tears…I hate them. I hate feeling this way. When you feel as if your heart would want to explode, jump out to totally break completely.

Stand upside-down? Oh, please…No matter what, it still hurts. The rain on the rooftop would be much better. But rain won’t come tonight. And I can’t go there.

No choice but to cry anyway. Maybe everything that’s hurting inside would be washed away by a warm shower of tears.

Ah, upside down…that’s what you make my world, baby.

Whatever we do, love me and leave me, still at the end of the day, I find myself goin crazy for you.

Walk away and save me, still you’re breaking my heart.

I know you are the one…

The one…

That they say…

There’s always gonna be that one person that no matter how your world revolved or how crazy it’s spun, if they turn it upside down, you’ll always turn back….

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    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 6 years ago from close to you...

      yup to let it all out..

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 6 years ago from Louisiana

      sometimes you just need to cry.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Beautiful thoughts Blaise Dear! Buttons up!

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 8 years ago from close to you...

      Happy to see you Poet :) Thanks!

    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      ah love it is wonderful enjoyed this

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 8 years ago from close to you...

      Ow thank you my friend :) TC

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I have now... another beauty!!!

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 8 years ago from close to you...

      Ghost Whisper hello! yea :)

      Dare to try? hmm you'll definitely stop crying anyway coz you'll end up laughing LOL Ow, you are loving someone arent you? ;p Thanks Ghost!

    • Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

      The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments 8 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

      I loved this poem! You sure are loving someone arent you?

      The next time I feel like crying..I am going to stand upside down and see if it stops my tears--gosh--I hope they don't leak into my brain--it don't work so good lately as it is--I will get back to you soon on this..not sure when I am going to cry again...

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 8 years ago from close to you...

      Thank you my cheeky friend :) Go to my "Breathe You" poem..someone has commented bout you in there ;p

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Always written from the heart, always very wonderful the way you tell it. Those tears and feelings tell us who we are, and we listen to that. It's beautiful. You are a great writer, blaise. Lovely!

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 8 years ago from close to you...

      @Invictus - yea the feelings just like when I was in your loop.. ;) I couldn’t really do that alone. Dare to try it makes me laugh though. Spin, spin, spin.. :) Thanks Invictus!

      @Mik –ah yeah once upon a time, I loved painting more than writing ;) Thanks Mik!

      @Dim – you always fascinate me, Dim. Thanks a lot!

      @Chris – hmm maybe it would..coz you’ll end up laughing instead LOL Yeah, it’s deeper than it’s written. I so love that pic, the spidey kiss…upside down! That’s on my life’s list hahaha

      @Dark Side – Wow, is this really Dark Side?! You’re one of the aces here. Thank you!

    • profile image

      dark heart 8 years ago

      I knew this was going to be good from the first sentence.

      You're the best Blaise.

    • christalluna1124 profile image

      christalluna1124 8 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Ahh Blaise,

      I wish that would work. I would probally spend half of my life on my head. How beautiful and deep.

      Warmest regards, chris

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 8 years ago from Great Britain

      That was so beautifully written as always. I felt the feelings with you. Well, in the past , I have fel those feelings myself and despite the pain, I would not change anything.

      Loved it, blaise. xxxx

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Sadness or "hurt" painted very well. Thanks Blaise.

    • I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s profile image

      I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s 8 years ago

      Aww, you've been spun. enjoy it.. hope you're not crying, though. Haven't tried the headstand for tears :p they are meant to be healthy for us to circulate our blood and make us feel better. doing one up against a wall helps to support until we grasp our balance :) spin, spin, spin.. :)

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 8 years ago from close to you...

      Oh that was quick..LOL Yea crazy it may sound. Missed you Pixie!

    • CiscoPixie profile image

      CiscoPixie 8 years ago from I'm in a world of my own, but aren't we all?

      must be a special someone to turn your world upside down.