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They Cometh Part 1; The New President -Earth's Survival

Updated on August 16, 2015
Future Collapse, Economic Uncertainty, Civilian Unrest, Cloudy Outlook
Future Collapse, Economic Uncertainty, Civilian Unrest, Cloudy Outlook | Source

1. The new President in a world of chaos

"They Cometh Earth's Survival" a Novel Part one

As the brand new president took office, with the swearing in ceremony, the people and the governments of the world took a sigh of relief that the previous president did not get re-elected. With the world problems of declining jobs, the aging population, new diseases, rising crime rate, and unstable monetary system, a new president, with fresh new ideas was just what the nation and the world needed. In other words, a “savior” was elected to office.

After the president, Gomainia Daulines Morosco took office, he was swished away to be briefed on the daily agenda that would be his routine duties of each day, which is the “mill run” or the busy stuff. President Gomainia was overwhelmed of what the president had to know, to see and to do each and every day, but the president was only a guy figure, not the authority figure, but only a “guy” authority appointed by the people. This guy figure had little or no control of the dealings of the military, government or the monetary system. These dealings were left in the hands of the ruthless, cold-heartedand hard-nosed force of the “SHADOW GOVERNMENT”.

In the weeks to come, the president is shown many different areas, briefed on the military operations around the world and told of the plans of the up coming months. President Gomainia is enthusiastic and upbeat in the dealings but is sill shocked with all that is going on that is secret, hidden and kept behind the scenes of the media, the people and the world.

About six months into the presidency, President Gomainia, stumbles across legislation that would put the gold standard back into law, create a Global currency, confiscate all gold and end the United States Greenback. This would, in effect, devalue all American’s savings, assets and send prices soaring. The president was stunned and upset, because his family had worked so hard to achieve a fortune that would dissolve if this were to take place. He knew that if he would be suspicious or draw attention to himself, that he would be surely killed by trying to stop the massive transfer of wealth.

Who could he go to? Every action and every transaction was monitored and tracked. Who could he trust? Even the own members of his family and close friends could be in on the take, being paid to watch and report his actions. The president decided to try to contact his old friend and former college professor, who he called, “Doctor Jim”. This is the only person that he could trust and still he wasn't sure that he would transfer the information to someone as a go-between.

The president carefully wrote a letter under the secrecy of darkness, pretending to be working on reading and taking notes for the upcoming speech. Still the problem of getting the letter to Doctor Jim existed. With all the eyes, cameras and attention on the president all the time, it would be almost impossible to actually get the letter to Doctor Jim, but the president needed to get the information to him.

Doctor Jim, known as a world wide expert on global finances, would also be the expert needed for the problems and troubles associated with global currency and finances. In the letter, the president was very brief and right to the point. He then sealed it in to tan envelope putting the return address of Doctor Jim. Now, with this done, the president decided to drop it off in his travels. He decided that the security guards are just security guards, no more. They would not ask very many questions, about dropping off a letter at the Post Office or even taking the letter themselves, if asked. The security guards, he thought, were there to protect the president and to make the president feel safe and secure, not to be brain experts.

The next day, as President Gomainia was being driven around, being shown the sites, the president decided to change his plans to deliver the letter. He would have to plan a better way. He decides to just to put the letter into the stack of other outgoing mail, which there are thousands and thousands of outgoing letters each day at the Department. In that way, the attention and tracking would not be noticed-so be it. When the chauffeur drove back to the president’s office, the president and three security guards entered the back entrance that lead to the president’s office. The guards entered the office, checked for hazards, and then went back out, to stand guard outside the office. The secretary, who must have gone to the restroom, was not at her desk at the moment. President Gomainia very quickly and quietly pulled out the letter from his inside jacket pocket, then slid the letter into the outgoing letters stack. The secretary entered the room just as he had finished inserting the letter. The president greeted her and told her that he was going to be in his office for a while, researching and reading.

As the president went from day to day, he realized that he president’s duties were non-existent to the running of the country. The duties of the president were just cosmetic and promotional only. He was there as a figure head, only, in which he had no say, no voice and no action. He wondered, “Who is actually running the country and what is their agenda?” This is part of the of “what” he was trying to find out from his old friend and colleague, Doctor Jim.

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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you, hi friend, for your vote up and for your very positive comments.

    • hi friend profile image

      hi friend 5 years ago from India

      Excellent writing, really enjoyable. Vote up.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      Thank you. There seems to be someone telling me what to write from down deep withing my thinking. It is almost living the story while I am writing. There are 10 chapters so far and hope for more. Thank you again for commenting and for the compliment!!!!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Great novel. Excellent writer!