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They Cometh; Earth's Survival Novel part 3

Updated on October 18, 2016

Puzzles of the World part 3

Puzzles of the world

The President pondered the remarks of Dr. Jim. The President could not understand the connection between the direct questions of gold, the financial situation, the global economy, and the genetic manipulation. Knowing Dr. Jim for more than 25 years, the president knew that the doctor would not leave loose ends unconnected and unraveled. There has to be a connection. The medical community has been years in planning for the genetic code to prolong life, expand knowledge, replace diseased organs, and grow new parts for humans and to extend the quality of living. But, with Doctor Jim, he knows that the college works on genetic material for manipulation, cross breeding, expanding food production, experimentation, growth hormones, and modification. Why did the Doctor keep telling of the cover up on the genetic program and the connection of the gold standard at the college? Procedures that would require human flesh, the president pondered about the burn victims, to repair tears to the skin, cosmetic surgery, ear/nose/eye replacement and medical procedures.

Time passes for the president and his family. About a month later, the president gets a letter from his old friend, Doctor Jim. The letter had been opened and had been examined by secret service and also the president’s secretary. Reading the letter, President Gomainia finds that Doctor Jim has found new and exciting information and evidence. Doctor Jim said that he needs to meet with the president in person, at the greatest urgency. Doctor Jim states that he would take the flight Nations 107, the 10 am flight so that he could meet with the president some over the holidays, if possible. Dr. Jim already has his flight scheduled, booked and actually demanding a meeting. The president called Doctor Jim back and confirmed that he would meet with him at the Thanksgiving Day at the Macy’s Parade. The president has gotten fairly confident in calling and writing to his close friends, but still at a very secure level, which is not good, at all.

As Thanksgiving Day approached, the president looked forward to talking to his old friend and anticipating his colleague to arrive. The president has arranged for top secret clearance for Doctor Jim and for special agents to pick him up at the airport. The agents were to bring Doctor Jim directly to the president’s stand at the parade, so that they may talk.

Thanksgiving Day arrived and Nation’s Flight 107 in Nophex, the Nations Capital, was scheduled to arrive about an hour before the Macy’s Parade was to begin. The rest of the passengers on the plane are to take part of the celebrations along with other distinguished guests.

On the way to the airport, Doctor Jim and his family were run off the road into a ditch and were taken captive by an unknown nationality or race. The president and his family are quickly drugged by injection and are taken to an underground facility. They awaken to a nice, well lit, room with a well furnished apartment style décor, complete with all the comforts of home.

When the president’s families are all fully awake, the doctor’s family is visited by three well dressed people; two women and one man. The man introduced himself as Master LLambe and his colleagues as Mistress Bamzel and Mistress Kelop. They referred to themselves as concerned individuals, who were against the evils of the universe and recently, Earth.

After the introduction, Master LLambe continued telling of his intervention to protect the Doctor and his family. The trust was not with the Doctor and his family toward Master LLambe and the other two. LLambe finally told the reason for the intervention was to save their lives. He said that the flight 107 was taken out because of Doctor’s knowledge and the conveyance of that information to the president. Master LLambe told the family that the concerned individuals learned of the plot to blow the aircraft out of the sky with a sonic de-structorizor, which, when an object is hit with its beam, reverses the bond that hold each atom together, that the particles of matter fall to the Earth as dust.

Mr. President became concerned about Dr. Jim and his family because they had not shown up for the start of the Macy’s Parade. He called two of his aids to look into the situations. They came back and told the president that the radar lost the aircraft in flight, no wreckage found. The aircraft was about an hour into flight, over the mountains, where there is very heavy dense growth and rugged terrain. Official statement is “all is lost”.

Later at the parade, the president is informed that the aircraft had possibly not reached enough altitude to clear the mountains. The president’s heart sank deep into his chest and very deeply saddened. The president thoughts are that he lost his friend and collogue, forever. Even though the president is in great burden, he knows that he has to continue the festivals and celebrations of Thanksgiving.

Back at the installation where Doctor Jim and his family are being detained, the set of events are unfolding before them on a TV screen. While the Macy’s Parade is being broadcast and watched, there is a break in of a special announcement, of the flight 107 disappearance. The Doctor Jim and his family are shocked and stunned to the news, but not showing thankfulness toward Master LLambe.

Doctor Jim’s family is in the middle of actual murder, of deliberate downing an aircraft carrying more than 400 people. If Master LLambe is right, could what the Doctor knows carry this much weight or was it just the tip of the iceberg? Could Master LLambe have saved the Doctor’s family just to get allegiance or was it for some other purpose? While Doctor Jim is pondering these questions, the president is thinking that his friend is dead.

After Doctor Jim’s family watched the news about the aircraft crash and the follow-ups, Master LLambe and his assistants made their way into the room. Master LLambeexplained that they had inside information from Government sources that the aircraft was to be taken out because of Doctor Jim. Dr. Jim is believed to have vital information that must be kept suppressed at all costs, including killing innocent people. Master LLambe explained that the information that Doctor Jim uncovered, has to do with the domineering, elite, ruling class that has control of the infrastructure, monetary and government systems of the world. What Doctor Jim knows threatens that agenda, which means possible losing control of the people and the governments of the world.

Master LLambe asks Dr. Jim about the situation with the president, but Master LLambe insists that Dr. Jim’s life is in danger whether or not he and his family co-operate with Master LLambe. Being that Master LLambe did save, or at least postponed the deaths of him and his family, made the Doctor think of the precautions that he must make in order to trust Master LLambe. The number one idea on Doctor Jim’s mind is that he must tell the president what he knows with the greatest urgency.

Master LLambe is the friendliness and most gracious host, but still closely guarded the family as hostages and prisoners. Dr. Jim wondered what he had stumbled across in his research that caused so much ruckus and action to be stirred up. He pondered in his mind over and over to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The president wanted him to work on why the financial institutions had to return to the gold standard, to confiscate all the gold of the world, to amass the world fortunes of gold together, but Doctor Jim came across the genetic engineering mutations of humans. He pondered about mutations of humans that the flesh is to be used for harvest. Doctor Jim, being of very intelligent intellect, knew his background in genetics, DNA, RNA and the genetic codes, but had never come across quite like this.

As the family and the others watched the TV, more reports of no survivors of the downed aircraft was constantly announced. Dr. Jim knows that the media reports only what they are told to report. He knows that there is a massive cover-up, starting at the bottom level and going way above the president. The news media always gets the names and addresses of all on board and the relatives, of which none of this was broadcast or reported. The news media also gets the actual list of those boarded and those who didn’t show up for the flight. Doctor Jim knows that he is the target by now, being that he never registered at the terminal. Ever who took out the aircraft, will soon be coming for him again. The cover up is from a very high nature, not just from the airlines and the media.

Master LLambe frequently visits the family, asking if they need anything, if they want to discuss anything or had any questions. This time is different, for sure. He comes in, said that they must hurry and that they must leave immediately. Master LLambe directed them into a dark tunnel and into a dark van with very dark windows; so dark that a person could not see in or out. Dr. Jim’s family was placed in the very back seats where they had no view to the outside or out the front windshield.

Dr. Jim and his family could sense that there is danger, not knowing what to expect or what might happen next. The trip lasted about 5 hours, but finally came to a stop, which ended with some really bumpy and jarring actions to the occupants of the van. When the van finally stops, Master LLambe’s assistants opened the van doors for Dr. Jim’s family to reveal some of the most beautiful buildings and garden scenery to be envisioned. This place resembled a leftover of the Mayan civilization culture, which was still kept to the modern day technology. As Dr Jim’s family got out of the van, Master LLambe and his associates approached Dr. Jim and his family. Master LLambe tells the family that the other installation was compromised and we had to get out fast. He further explained that the security was breached from inside the compound, which meant that they were in immediate danger, from the standpoint of instant invasion and death from the opposing evil force.

Master LLambe and his associates escort Dr. Jim’s family to the main part of the city, which was totally vacant of people, but with an abundance of birds and animal life. This city is more like paradise, which has all the modern technology of the big cities. Master LLambe explains that this city is out of the sight of modern radar and scanning technology because of a knowledge called “scalar wave technology” that puts a protective invisible dome around the city. He further explains that there are much evil and corruption in the world, that is working to destroy man, animal, life and the world as we know it. Master LLambe tells Dr. Jim that the reason that the evil ones crashed the plane was that the information that Dr. Jim has knowledge of could bring down the plans and future of their evil schemes. Even the plane crash, as the media portrayed as technological problems, was plainly shot out of the sky, by the opposing force. Master Jim and his team confidently covered Dr. Jim and his family’s tracks with corrupt officials at the airport. In other words, a large bribe was given to the airline officials to “put Dr. Jim and his family on that plane”. Now, that this has happened, the officials can not go against that, or they, themselves would be executed.

In order that Master LLambeto get Dr. Jim’s help, they must confide in each other for mutual agreement and help. Master LLambe starts, that the more people knows what is going on and knows of the situation, the more would be uncovered, but risk the possibility of getting killed themselves. If the people do not get involved, the world would perish as well as the human inhabitants. Master LLambe asks for Dr. Jim’s help for working together and for mutual collaboration and war against these evil forces. This establishes an alliance that relates in the trusts and relations of all of Master LLambe’s force and Dr. Jim’s family, which each vowed with their lives.


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