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They Cometh; Unreleased Knowledge: Earth's Survival 2

Updated on April 12, 2015

chapter 2 Unreleased knowledge

When the president had been in office for about six months, he was shown some of the secret activities that the Shadow Government had been operating. One of the interests was the control of the people, their minds and their thoughts. The projects consisted of frequencies, addition of chemicals to the diet and mass media thought projections to get the people in a state of contentment, so the people are being herded like sheep, not even knowing that they are being controlled, in mind, thought and activities. The ones in office need control and are greedy for money, power and prestige, so by devices explained to the president, like sound, frequencies, vibrations, and electrical interferences, the powers that are in office intend stay there.

The president was also shown the emergency powers, bunkers and back-up systems. With this, also were the underground mass systems consisting of anti-magnetic rail systems, complete subterranean water and sanitation systems and communication systems. Being shown this, the president became relieved, but cautious, that the government was looking about the matters and emergency situations that that might arise.

President Gomainia is quickly realizing that he is a puppet and is being used to carry out the functions of the supremacy that are not even known or even could be dreamed. He hopes for some kind of information to point to more of the truth of what is happening.

Another month passes and the president goes on with day to day activities and is allowed to mingle with only specially chosen people and representatives of those in power. As time passes, the president will be allowed to visit College Campuses, so in the agenda, he looks to his surprise that his old college is on one of the list. The president’s heart raced as he thought of meeting Doctor Jim again to find out what, if any, that he found, researched or uncovered.

Finally the day came, November 23rd, of which the formal dining hall at Nations College, in the exclusive city of Montizel, was chosen for the occasion. The dining hall was decorated to the far reaching heights as to a royal king's celebration. The secretary brought the formal attendees roll of honors list to the president of who was influential enough to attend this wondrous function and occasion. President Gomainia's eyes skimmed up and down, searching the whole list of attendees, gazing just one name, Doctor Jim Hilderbrough. There it was; Doctor Jim’s name. The president’s heart raced, because if anyone could find reasoning to the situation of this conspiracy, it would be Doctor Jim.

The whole purpose of the affairs with the colleges was to present the agenda of the golden powers and to be assured that the colleges taught the approved criteria and curriculum. In this way, the agenda and power would be followed through from generation to generation, with what was needed for the future could be detailed, planned, prepared and be established.

About 7 pm, the President, his wife, Nistasm and their 15 year old daughter, Sam, arrive by motorcade, along with the escort of the Montizel’s Police Department. The site of the occasion is Montizel Nations College, the pride of the United States, earning its prestige from the genetic contribution that revolutionized the process of slowing down aging. Mr. President and his family will have the privilege and honor of visiting the dignitaries of the Nations College, one by one and in groups. President Gomainia, Nistasm and Sam are announced at the front door as they enter the dining hall. As the other guests arrive, they are announced and then greeted by the already entered guests. Authority figures and security swarm like flies around a dead carcass, making sure that this will be the most perfect social event ever.

Mr. President, leaving his wife and daughter, takes the time to personally greet, visit, talk and to mingle with the most affluent people in the world. Toward the end of the affair, the president’s eyes meet with the eyes of another high official, being those of Doctor Jim Hilderbrough. By the look in Doctor Jim’s eyes, Mr. President could see that Doctor Jim had stumbled across major information. Mr. President and Doctor Jim co-mingled in the crowd to cover up the ear-shots of the microphones of the secret service. Doctor Jim began to express his findings and research in verbal, but expeditious speech.

Dr. Jim conveyed his thoughts of the genetic research were a cover-up for the real reason of degeneration and genetic alteration of people. Dr. Jim told the President that the bona fide reason that the college had been granted the money to do the research is to revert people to an animal status and confiscate gold. Mr. President shook his head. Doctor Jim had researched this and was 100% sure of the college and foundation's intent. Doctor Jim continued in a frantic voice. He stated that the reason for the research is for the harvest of the flesh; human flesh! The president couldn’t believe his ears, but inquired more. There was too much going on with the events of the evening to continue with the conversation, which had to be stopped. The events of the affair were closing to a halt, with the people clearing out and the security guards getting uptight that the president and his family were still there. Doctor Jim had to go and bid farewell to the president. The president and his family were quickly whisked away by the security guards, back to the Department, the stationary, but temporary barricaded building now used for the high up government officials.

Genetic Engineering


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