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They Cometh: Battle of Minds and Bodies Chapter 4 Earth's Survival

Updated on September 1, 2013

Battles of the minds and bodies


With this, Dr. Jim tells Master LLambe of his discoveries, being instigated by the President. It all started, he continued, with the conservation of the President over the gold standard and the conservation of the gold, but sidetracked by the mutations of humans, for flesh harvest. From there, Dr. Jim and Master LLambe start putting together the other pieces of the puzzle. Master LLambe ponders for a while and starts telling of what is happening, after acquiring what Dr. Jim has told him. Master LLambe explains what his organizations have found out that goes with Dr. Jim’s information.

Master LLambe tells that during every 3600 years, a planet, called Nibiru, orbits about 2 suns, which one of those is ours. At this time Nibiru gets close enough to the Earth for the Nibiruians to actually visit Earth for a short time. The beings on this planet, Nibiru, sends their inhabitants to Earth to harvest food and gold, which are needed for the return trip, until another 3600 years. The food that they will harvest consists of animals, vegetables, protein matter and human flesh. The gold, according to ancient manuscripts, must be obtained to produce a sustainable atmosphere and protection from the harsh environments of extreme cold and heat.

According to the manuscripts relating to this planet, inhabitants were placed on Earth to encourage mining operations for gold and to establish agriculture, aquaculture, and other flesh for the production of food for the return voyage of their planet. According to what was found out, they cannot and will not resort to eating human flesh, but with what Dr. Jim has found out, mutations of the race, would be acceptable to be used as food to preserve their own race. Being 3600 years round trip, there is a possibility that the population has grown like that of Earth. In anticipation of the population growth rate, the watchers that were placed on Earth for the food production, started creating sub-humans and cross-breeds for the multiplication, self-sustaining and interbreeding, all for the return trip.

As with evolution, beings and creations adapt to the surroundings, so it seems that the inhabitants that they placed here on Earth, started to evolve into creatures that started to think and create on their own, actually getting better, with more intelligence than was expected. This type of evolution leads to rebellion and war. The watchers then had to get into the ruling elite of the world to institute programs that would reduce the human population into sub-species that would de-evolve the strands of DNA to stay at two strands instead of evolving into 24 strands. In other words, the humans were becoming like the gods that started the beings. The watchers, in order to have order and control, to produce enough quantities of gold and to produce enough food for the return journey, started with mind control, vaccinations and spraying genetic changing haze that caused the genetic engineering alteration that was needed. The inhabitants of Nibiru, in order to sustain the population, also had to grow bigger Earth bodies for surrogate growing mothers, for the infertile Nibiru couple, which also were accomplished by injections of animal DNA and growth hormones.

Dr. Jim looked astonished because the President had asked him to look why the gold was being called in. Now, Dr. Jim was all interested because the puzzle was becoming a picture, but one that the President had to be informed of. Master LLamb cautions against any contact with the President. He raises his voice in authority and says, “This would be certain death for him!..NO!” Master LLamb explains further. Nibiru experienced the rebellion of the Earth people once before and creatures of Nibiru almost vanished. Now that the Nibiruians have politicians and the elite in the positions that guarantee a major supply of gold and food, they will do anything to secure that security, sanctuary and future existence. The watchers of the gold and food make sure that the gold is consolidated in huge vaults and that the food reserves are also lumped together in cities for easy “harvest” and gathering.

There is little time as there is little evidence of where and what is Nibiru and the technology involved or the battle tactics that are used. Master LLambe's associates are trying to find significant documented evidence of the strategy, intelligence, and military weaponry that the past generations could have encountered. Master LLambe also is carrying out an extensive genetic research investigation to observe any genetic disorders, limitations,strengths, or weak spots about their DNA genetic structure. Master LLambe puts it on the priority schedule of finding out just what is the DNA makeup of the Nibiruians and how they have evolved in the last 3600 years.

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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      Thank you so very much for your compliment and encouragement. Thank You!!!!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Fantastic hub! In fact, this hub is beyond fantastic. I love your imagery and your descriptive words! I love science fiction. You have the makings of a great science fiction writer. You should seriously write a novel and get published! Excellent indeed!