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This Thing About You, 20 Years Later

Updated on October 11, 2012

Please, Read With Our Favorite Melody-- Credits to MyMovies776


Twenty Years And Still Going Strong...

Twenty years after we met

still driving with you to see that sunset

our three kids were sent away

time to catch up with our own space

heading ourselves to sunset boulevard

to celebrate 20 yrs walking down that boardwalk

I know I was about to be distracted in our lives

A secret gift is waiting down the beach for both of us...

This thing about you kept us together for so long

taking care of our kids who thought mom was the bomb...!

This thing about you, that kept you up at night

wondering sometimes... if you married the right guy

Cleaning the house and fixing the kids' school meals

sleeping myself but I knew you were awaken still

Lucky to know that I married a woman worth keeping

Doing things out of love, while hubby was sleeping

This thing about you makes me wonder even today

Were you suppose to write at HubPages this late?

This thing about you, makes me appreciate you more

Away with gossiping, our love is miraculous growing strong

This thing about you have kept our marriage intact

taking the heavy load of frustrations and Life's impact

this thing about you makes me realize that mom was right... (sigh)

arguments and all, we ended up making up for last night

For obvious reasons women wanted to break us apart

you got stronger and cunningly fought back

for unknown reasons, we couldn't let each other go

nor the kids or the money my precocious sweet love

It was this thing about you that tamed the man

who in the beginning thought all was intimacy with lots of 'fun'

Kids came afterwards, and life have changed so much

We started getting older, ready to downsize and such


Finally getting close to that sunset boulevard

where I proposed on that walking boardwalk

Was thinking, Man! I'm lucky to have lasted this far

certainly You were the Captain in charge

This thing about you.. made me realize you were more than just fun

kept me fed and understood the animal inside the man

This thing about you hid so many tears from me

waiting for me to change and get back from the streets

I walk with you down the shore kicking the sand...

suddenly a plane crosses our eyes carrying a sign

/"Thank you for 20 years of love...Your hubby Sam".............................................................../

You cry and hug me and... thank me for that surprise.

This thing about you kept us together even when I was blind

This thing about you is a reminder that Love can last... a life time...!

Nothing is gonna change... after all!


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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi there Raci! This is love for a lifetime. Whatever the perspective is... you just need to understand your differences and your limitations. Hope you are fine in Philipines, heard of heavy raining. Thanks friend!

  • raciniwa profile image

    raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

    this thing about mighty lord keeps me reading and wanting for more...awesome perspective of a love that transcends life...

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago


    Glad this piece gave you a cool head start for your 29th and 30th Anniversary. Things like this make our writing worth the try. Sincerily appreciated for your stopping by.


  • whittwrites profile image

    T.B Whitt 5 years ago from the Philly area

    This poem reminds me of my twenty ninth anniversary coming up soon

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago


    Life is love and love is life. The equation has to match or life wouldn't be worth living. Thanks for stopping by. Charlize? I guess getting done with her Madd Maxx, which was one of my best movies back in the 80's with Mel Gibson. Much appreciated Maria!

  • marcoujor profile image

    Maria Jordan 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

    Charlize had to stop the filming of Madd Maxx after this was brought to her attention.

    After a trip to the beautician for a touch-up, we both are so happy for you, LORD. You are a sweetheart and in this poem, it really shows!

    Voted UP & Beautiful... Hugs, mar

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Thanks Rasma. You have given us an example of true love through the years. There is nothing better than having the love of your life for eternity, literally. Thanks again!

  • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

    Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

    This is so wonderful and touching. A true tribute to a faithful and strong marriage and love everlasting. Reminds me of my godfather who is 91 and his wife who is now 81 and still loving one another. Passing this on.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Pamela99, we know some things that men cannot figure out. So many friends have shared feelings and even partners explained what they really needed from a man. I'n fortunate to carry the message. Thanks!

    @Pickles, we loved and were loved. We have felt loved and did give love, and still do. There is no price for that. At the end of our journey we will have to take our memories above cloud nine. Humbly appreciated!

    @Lesley, You are such a loving friend; I can tell by that smile straight from UK. You made our day by reading us.


  • Movie Master profile image

    Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Absolutely lovely tribute - so awesome....

    Voted up

  • picklesandrufus profile image

    picklesandrufus 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, Va

    Loved this hub so much! You spelled out so beautifully a sincere appreciation for your spouse for all of the years you have spent together. Most of all, you actually see her for what she gave your partnership...a rare thing sometimes.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

    As I quickly glanced through the comments, I think the most important aspects of this hub have been covered nicely. I love the happy ending also, but your insight over the years of the woman you love was very beautiful. You mentioned several things that women typically just figure men don't notice. Very nicely done.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Becky Katz,

    We are happy for your 26 milestone, now that is a great thing to be prud about. Inspirations like this keep us going. of course we are in love and it shows. Thanks for the reposting of this hub... seems that it reached more hubbers, that we never expected to stop by by the hour or so. Thanks again!

    @Made by Made,

    There some wonderful couples that have been in love for ages, and you can read some of our hubbers' milestones in a relationship. You, me and all of us have learned from experience. Real love forgivess..and from there, all comes together easier than ever

    @.Mary, Love can survive years ..and more years if trust and commitment come along with mutual respect. Today, couples lack some or more than those characteristics, and the impact affects their childre and even their grandkids. So we should think with a head with certain neurons added to that flame of love, that struggles to stay lit within our hearts.

    @ KJForce, This is a fictional inspiration but coming form true events from the past. We think we have the formula for eternal love... the thing is we don't want it for free... we want to buy it! Thanks for the laughs!

    @Mhatter99, Happy to know you have been growing with your masonic brothers. Just keep your soul and believe. You have a way with words and that's outrageous! Thanks!

    @Sofs, you are welcome and we will check some of your hubs, because we haven't interactee with you. Much appreciated!


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    @Debbie brooks, this inspiration came handy for the couples that need to reinvigorate their relatioship. Twenty years are almost a lifetime and certain adjustments need to be made. Thanks for reading us.

    @Billy, you know better... and you have reach to the topic of that idillic happiness. Hope you keep Bev. forever and ever Amen!

    @ Tammy dear, we try to understand women to the best of our knowledge and keep our balance straight. Thanks to a question of yours we came out with this piece.

    @ Lathing, There are times when we learn to appreciate our partners after certain key moments. Like when we fall from the top of our job and we feel useless, or when we know our lady will be there for us, for richer or poorer. We need to channalize our potentials as lovvers and partners.

    @ Vcitoria Lynn, Women are special and more in here. We have a mind and good memory and keep track of our friends. You have been a loyal follower and we love that 100 score of yours. You've come a long way and we admire you! Thanks for reading this Poem dedicated to all couples that lasted more than they thought together!

    @Josh3418, You have understood the message, that means you are ready to get a woman worth the try.Your wisdom is beyond your age and I hope you find true happiness!

    @ Faith Reaper, surprise by your visit and feeling your spirit. We know you married your high school sweetheart and kept it for 34 yrs and counting. This inspiration is based in truth events that were trusted with us. Of course we have been in love and still are. Your stopping by made our day..and hope to see you fully recovered. God bless!

    @ Wonderful1, you always so attentive to our work. This inspiration is based is moments in our lives that we wish it could've ended this way. But the happy ending can be achieved anytime with more experience and strong will. Thanks!


  • sofs profile image

    sofs 5 years ago

    Beautiful! Great tribute!

  • Mhatter99 profile image

    Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

    Beautiful! Thank you for this. 20 years ago I started my masonic adventure.

  • kj force profile image

    kjforce 5 years ago from Florida

    lord de cross...beautiful...Glad you finally got the message...little slow..but...better late than never..Congrat's to you for staying and her for putting up with your A%*.....heheheh

  • tillsontitan profile image

    Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

    How lucky we are there are men like you! "This thing about you, makes me appreciate you more" If we all abide by your words it'll be a better world. Love lives as long as we nurture and appreciate it.

    Voted this up, beautiful and awesome!

  • Made profile image

    Madeleine Salin 5 years ago from Finland

    Beautiful! I wish everybody in a relationship could feel like this after 20 years together. Love is a wonderful thing.

  • Becky Katz profile image

    Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

    I am so happy that I am not the only one passing that mark. I have been married to my one and only for 26 years now and every year just gets better. Keep enjoying your love.

  • wonderful1 profile image

    Sheila Varga Szabo 5 years ago from Southern California

    You're so awesome, lord. Bless you both! Congrats to you for finding that special lady (and she's a lucky woman herself).

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

    There is nothing more lovely than seeing two people God has joined together and those two people honoring that commitment by staying together through all that life has to offer, the beautiful and the not so beautiful. Lord, I know she already knows she has picked the right man, but if not, she will after reading your sweet outpouring of your heart. You both are so blessed. May God continue to bless you both and keep you. In His Love, Faith Reaper

  • josh3418 profile image

    Joshua Zerbini 5 years ago from Pennsylvania


    This is an awesome tribute! WOW! I am shocked! I am so glad we are now following you! And awesome music to go along with your hub. I loved everything about this one! Many votes and sharing!

  • Victoria Lynn profile image

    Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

    Great tribute. This is my favorite part:

    This thing about you.. made me realize you were more than just fun

    kept me fed and understood the animal inside the man

    This thing about you hid so many tears from me

    waiting for me to change and get back from the streets

    Kept me fed and understood the animal inside the man--So cool!

    Very touching, Lord. I love your appreciation of the special woman (and lady friends, too) in your life. This is beautiful.

  • LaThing profile image

    LaThing 5 years ago from From a World Within, USA

    This is beautiful, and touches the heart! Maybe, we, women, should wait for the 20 year mark, lol! Joking aside, sometime we forget what we have..... Or may not notice. What an eye opener.....

    Thanks for sharing......

  • tammyswallow profile image

    Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

    This is a very touching conclusion and a very happy ending. It is nice to know they still exist. Excellent poem from someone who can understand and appreciate women.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

    God bless the women in our lives....they are truly the strong ones in any relationship. You have done well here, Lord; great tribute to love everlasting....and appreciating what you've got.

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    just beautiful.. True love is a beautiful thing.. thank you for writing about it in such beautiful words that only you can do my friend.

    Blessings .. sharing