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How to Capture That Man of Your Dreams

Updated on May 18, 2013

So many women complain that they cannot find the man of their dreams. Life can be too short, most of the times too unpredictable. Is disheartening to see our ladies not being able to find that 'man' who could make their lives worth living on their own 'terms of endearment.'

We wanted to give them a hand from experience, and probably... hopefully, this hub will be of help them in the long run

What's is Wrong With MEN These Days?

More than ever the fight for the quality of men is at the highest stake. There seems to be lack of compatibility -- after a few days of meeting a potential guy. So, how a man like ourselves can help women? How can we see from both sides of the gaping bridge?

We have been around long enough to give some advice... at least for the ones that think that the hunt is a waste of time. So, what's wrong with men? There is nothing wrong, apparently. Both parties, males and females, have the same chances in life. The pressure can be unbearable and some just waiting for that miracle around that corner of your life.


Here are some tips that will help you in the long run:

If you get hold of a 'candidate,' go for it:

Match up yourself and do your homework

  • Do not expect that a software (matchmaker) will do wonders or miracles... and keeps telling you that your compatibility is pretty much perfect. Men and women are really unpredictable as life. But be positive to start with. The world is not going to end on December 21, or tomorrow. Just...


Do not force a man to like your ways; he will never change even for love. He will try, but that doesn't mean love is going to last forever. Real love comes naturally. He has changed and settled long time ago.

If you love to read, plan a visit to that book store and... while studying the warzone; get yourself the type of coffee that you can use as your shield and sword. -- If you love tea and he loves Mocha, this is not a good sign. But keep checking the perspective.

On the other side, if you love e-books, join a club. Some have chat lines while you do a review online. Let more chances grow on its own.

If you love pets, meet at that park and introduce yourselves (mentally) and your extended family -- If you brought your cat along with no further warning, see those males' reactions; are they allergic to your cute kitten? Just see if that is a social magnetism

If you love texting, take a time an introduce your own 'texting language.' Share your FB games, meanwhile see if they really pays attention to your games and messages -- most men will show interest mixing pics, hellos and warming byes.

Our veterans that came back from overseas need longer days and lots of understanding. If you are willing to commit with them, you are on mined territory. The reason is simple: war trains them to be ballistic, offensive and practically unreachable, and love, real love, is not on the calendar as young women might expect. They need lots of love, but expect hard days after they get that detox...!

If you love mass, because your dad was a deacon at that Presbyterian church down your street, and you find out that your prospective 'knight in shining armor' was an atheist, then you will have to go against the tide.

Women weigh in physical qualities against their psyche. Believe it or not, a simple voice can make women change their minds; hormones and genes play an important role in the game of love. That's why we see that opposites, most of the time, really attract. Body language and that mental, "I chose you," makes the final decision. Even if we men haven't been warned.

Do you want this man?
Do you want this man? | Source

So, let's get things clear in here. How can you catch a good party?

  • Play the game and play stupid. Yeah! You have done it after a girl to girl talking. We men love to be in charge, apparently.
  • Listen to them. They will listen back as a human reaction.
  • Keep matching zodiacal signs, movies, music... and the rules of hidden body language .
  • Do not force yourself. Match your expectations against your stakes.
  • A bad sign, giving up sex too soon!
  • Do not call them more than 3 times after that first day.
  • Do you still want him? Learn his weak points and join the enemy -- research his Football game scheduling. Maybe golfing or fishing down the road.
  • Keep studying his ways. A man can say so many things in 2 weeks.
  • If he is not interested, then move on. You cannot make this male love you for real...the way you really deserve it!

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