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ebooks,writing,poetry and emarketing

Updated on April 21, 2013
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Katerina Kostaki is a Greek spiritual and visionary Author,Poet, Mentor,Broadcaster, Youtuber.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT (NETWORK).

Copyright Maryam Morrison
Copyright Maryam Morrison | Source

Honestly , the best title that fits to this article is Business Spirituality.
Books ,writing ,poetry and e-marketing's a long distance to the end of our spiritual journey ! :) smile
That means -what matters is the JOURNEY not the end -like Greek poet Constantine Kavafy used to say in his poem " Ithaca" .
Adminst this Sacred Journey we are encouraged to face up the new technologies,marketing principles,e-marketing monsters, and other utilities that organize (or de-organize) our spiritual,mental and physical life .
However the task of spiritual author engulfs more innovative ideas and an enormous appetite for new apps and other web facilities that encourage and sustain our long lasting path to enlightenment.


First things first!

Let me introduce you with my "Academy of Inner Light Network", a network created by spiritual writer Katerina Kostaki contributes to Global Awakening and Re-Connection with Source .

Beyond any spiritual task ,a good and effective webpage is the one that accomplishes the primary task (Spiritual aspects) and marketing support.

Searching and experiencing over different projects ,I chose to use the platform of a multilevel template,one of the hundreds proposed by

I also chose to take a leap of ...technical faith and self-create the webpage without much support,except the guides.

Academy of Inner Light webpage has been really effective and operates on many levels including my books,articles,multimedia,photos,guestbook and links to Hubpages too!

You are invited to take a look over here .

Our Creator endowed us with great talents and invaluable gifts.
Yet we come here to battle against time, ourselves, the hidden sacred truths,
the lost ideals and everything else, that " Maya," the false reality, attempts to deprive us.

However long we quest for truth, it resides within us.

Is this quest a primrose path?

How gifted are we by our Nature to overcome the obstacles?

Our road is not always paved with rose petals, if we ourselves essentially do not experience within us this journey as a reconnection with Higher Good.

Poets and Artists, being spiritual heroes by their nature, have a task to accomplish, as guides of people who seek Truth and Light in their lives.

They represent a human species from a future world.

Poetry is a living spiritual portal, and the magical sensation one draws from the poetic journey could only be described as the filled with Conscious Love River of Dreams, Light and Love.

Messages of poetry are as powerful as the bright Sun pouring its magic portions on our souls, the rain that falls upon the thirsty Earth and the dreams which purify us from the everyday life's contamination.

We, Light and our Path set out on the outward journey through the alleys of poetic and artistic feasts.

*Introduction from the spiritual /metaphysical Poetry book : "Cosmic Light"

Cosmic Light (the Greek version =Sympantiko Fos),my Spiritual Poetry book was written on 2008 .I was merely inspired during my trip to the North Sporades, the Greek Islands on the Aegean Sea.
The reason given to make this trip was to visit for the very first time the small island that was described on my first novel "To taxidi tis zois fernei elpides/Life journey that carries hopes (published on 2007 in Athens/Greece).
However ,I would like to mention that Inspiration was provided along with strength and motivation offered by many insightful books .


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