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Help naming a book

I just spent the last couple of weeks working on my first book (writing not reading). It's about a Charlie Manson like person using people to kill for him. They are killing drug dealers. The story revolves around one of the shooters a 16 yr old girl and her boyfriend. I am near the end of the first draft and realized I have no title. The book is most likely crap but I still want to finish. I need a name to try and publish it on Amazon Kindle's publishing service. Any suggestions? I will try and answer any questions asap.

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Alan R Lancaster (alancaster149) says

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8 months ago
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    Michael Collins (mike102771) 8 months ago

    Thanks for the advice. A name that has not been used is difficult. Even my own name is a problem. There is already an author by my name and even my full name. I have weeks of work yet to worry about it.

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