Frustrated Writer Needs Immediate Help!!

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  1. LadyTreana profile image60
    LadyTreanaposted 4 years ago

    As a self-published author, it's frustrating when you see one of your colleagues getting all of the accolades...books selling like wildfire and I'm just getting a few sold. I'm happy for her, but keep telling myself, "I guess it's true that sex and cussing sells". I'm a Christian and I can't go there with that kind of writing. Last night, my friend had a book signing and invited me to set a table up with my books. I felt so alone and out if place as I watched her fans flocking to her table and surrounding her. I sold a few books, but yes...I'm jealous. I know I've got to really get out there and sell myself! I'm all facebooked out! No one even acknowledges my book when I put it in my status. Today I'm going to gather a list of local bookstores and take my book to those places, hoping that they will allow me to place them. What else can I do? Any suggestions?


    1. Marie Flint profile image88
      Marie Flintposted 4 years agoin reply to this


      I'm probably the worst person to ask about marketing, as I've never written or sold a book; however, I've read enough about both aspects of writing.

      You're headed in the right direction by contacting local bookstores, and, specifically, if there are any local Christian bookstores available, by all means, contact them first.

      In addition, you should have Amazon and Twitter accounts to promote them. Contact your library also and talk to the director. Ask if you can use the community room to talk about your writing. Prepare a presentation (20-50 minutes) and have copies of your books for sale.

      Also, I came across this website for online that has tips for marketing Christian books.

      Have you thought about donating a copy or two to your local church? It may take awhile, but once someone comes across your book and remembers your name, word-of-mouth advertising begins to work.

      God bless you with abundance and creativity! (And remember not to get upset, angry, or jealous because that's all you'll attract, and you don't want those kinds of people for company.)


      P.S. If you'd like me to review one of your books, contact me through email here at Hub Pages, and I'll be happy to do an article on it (maybe not at Hub Pages). Since I'll be trying to promote my article, we'll be covering your book on two fronts!

      1. LadyTreana profile image60
        LadyTreanaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks so much, Marie! My books are on and, but you have given me more great ideas! Yes, I can send you a book to review. I'm new to hub pages and am not sure how to send emails. I'll figure it out and do that.

        Thanks again for your input!


        1. Maximum A profile image82
          Maximum Aposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          Don't give up! It's normal to feel jealousy, but the good thing is that you didn't hold on to it and that you didn't let it destroy your friendship. I don't know much about selling books, but you can look for sites where people can review your book like

          1. LadyTreana profile image60
            LadyTreanaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

            Thanks so much, Maximum A. Your encouragement and information is very helpful!!

        2. Marie Flint profile image88
          Marie Flintposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          To send me an email, you can click on my Profile, then on the upper right, you'll see Fan Mail. Click on that and a template will pop up for you to send me a message. Just one other little trick--you have to fill in the little CAPTCHA box. This has become easier, though, after complaints to Hub Pages. Then click send.

  2. psycheskinner profile image84
    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    For a start, as a Christian, do not wallow in envy or disparage others by assuming their success is all about sex and cussing rather than just being a skilled writer.

    Next, make sure your book is edited, packaged and presented in the very best way possible.

    Thirdly, make an actual marketing plan.  Sit down and write 1) what kind of people would buy and enjoy my book if only they knew about it? 2) Where do those people congregate and select books  3) How can I get a mention of my book into those places?

  3. word55 profile image69
    word55posted 4 years ago

    Also seek out your local radio and TV stations to talk about your book. There are local newspapers that may write up about it. Get your name and book title out there as a mass marketing plan to all the media. Have you checked out selling it via Amazon or other internet book sellers? What Is the title of it?


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