Creative Writing - Any Good?

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    Adam Christopherposted 8 months ago

    So I decided to try an online creative writing course and the first task they set was to write two paragraphs, one with 1 fact and three fictions, the other with 3 facts and 1 fiction.

    I wrote the answers below and thought they were a bit different to the others on the course. I'm just interested to know what people think of them, whether they're any good and/or interesting?

    At midnight on 4 November 1605 Guy Fawkes was arrested beneath the House of Lords in possession of thirty-six barrels of gunpowder. Police had been tracking Fawkes for over two months as part of an ongoing counter-terrorism operation. His links to the so called 'Inquisition Soldiers' meant Fawkes was under round the clock surveillance in the days preceding the foiled attempt. A police spokesman commented that Fawkes may have succeeded had they not been able to access his Whatsapp messages using a built in backdoor to its encryption service.

    The sombre mood of the crowd felt alien as he thought back to that first speech, which set the tone for his campaign. The crowd had hung to his every word as he explained how their southern neighbour was dumping its very worst people across the border. The raucous applause that followed was nothing compared to the enthusiasm that greeted his later call to deny entry to all Muslims. Even a leaked tape in which he had talked of groping women had not raised a hair. How then had it come to this? Watching in silence, defeated and dejected, as his opponent took up her place in the Whitehouse.