Narrative poem

  1. IyshKar profile image60
    IyshKarposted 2 weeks ago

    I complain, "He isn't Romantic"
    Relax, He won't flirt with girls.

    I kvetch, "He doesn't surprise me with gifts"
    Awesome, He takes me along and gets me my favorite.

    I sound off, "He Durant take care of himself"
    Lovely, He take his care of me

    I wail, "He comes late from office"
    Good, "He direct hangout, He works and earns for me.

    I grumble, "He doesn't plan our holiday"
    Chill, He plans for our future.

    I groan, "He doesn't know to manage our baby "
    Yes, He loves the baby more than me

    I croak, "He is addicted to mobile"
    Well, He isn't addicted to drugs.

    Hmmm, What else to complain?
    He is my MR. PERFECT