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Okay, you got me here... where's the work?

  1. Monte Carver profile image54
    Monte Carverposted 8 years ago

    Okay, you got me here... where's the work?

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    lynnechandlerposted 8 years ago

    You create the work by making hubs on things that interest you that you think others will be interested in. Welcome to HubPages!

  3. dingdong profile image59
    dingdongposted 8 years ago

    Lol, who got you here?

    As for understanding your work, these two pages have a lot of stuff :



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    carver816posted 8 years ago

    I was browsing, thinking of ways to get my book out to the public. Upon further reading, I don't think there is anything safer or more viable than the 'ole fashion writing of the manuscript, get the agent, get the book deal and feed the family. Too much can go wrong over the internet. Too many eyes and ears that can turn what you write into their own, if only changing it a little. You may like it though. Drum up an audience for the music.