Do you just write book reviews about any book you enjoy, to let people know abou

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  1. texasdaye profile image61
    texasdayeposted 13 years ago

    Do you just write book reviews about any book you enjoy, to let people know about that book?

    For instance, I just read a really great fictional series, should I write individual reviews to inspire others to read these?

  2. TheSituation profile image62
    TheSituationposted 13 years ago

    Yeah, I try to, I have found so many great books by reading the recommendations of others and when I find a great book I like to let people know about it!

  3. resspenser profile image76
    resspenserposted 13 years ago

    I have written a few reviews and they are only for books I really enjoy. I think to let others know about new series books you enjoy is commendable and a service.

  4. profile image0
    JeanMeriamposted 13 years ago

    Yes I would. I like to hear what other people think of books. I hate it when a book is awful, so lately I always read reviews first. I would write individual reviews and then link them together.

  5. puzzle66 profile image58
    puzzle66posted 12 years ago

    It is fun to write reviews on books that I enjoy.  I do tend to finish every book I start and find that there is usually something within each one that I do like.  I hope that my reviews give others the opportunity to discover.

  6. gas137 profile image61
    gas137posted 12 years ago

    Yes. I enjoy letting people know my opinion of the quality of a book. I am careful not to be a "spoiler," give away specific plot information.
    Gary Severance

  7. RachaelLefler profile image92
    RachaelLeflerposted 12 years ago

    Well, usually if I don't enjoy a book, I don't get through it, so that puts me in less of a position to critique it. However, I have enjoyed books enough to read them cover to cover but still found problems with them. I try to analyze them critically instead of just praising, to try to give would-be readers a realistic expectation of what the book has to offer them. Rarely is a book perfect, it might have parts that drag on too long without action, or parts that are all page-turning action without enough time for reflection or deeper thought. I would write about the book you like, but maybe analyze it on a deeper level than simply saying if it's bad or good.

  8. Jael Turner profile image59
    Jael Turnerposted 12 years ago

    Please, please...please write a review...especially if it will encourage the author. Writing is like performing to a dark audience that never makes a sound. It's difficult to know what to change or what to kept in your repertoire, if noone says anything. jael

  9. profile image0
    Mpho Mokobiposted 12 years ago

    I am currently writing about Bob Proctor's You Were Born Rich book. I go through one chapter a week. I believe everybody should read it in order to get a clear understanding on riches and then realize the Rich Life they truly deserve.

  10. Beata Stasak profile image80
    Beata Stasakposted 11 years ago

    I would love to inspire others to a passionate reader I love to reflect on 'the books' that leave a long lasting impact on me...I feel the urge to share my thoughts with others and also my love of reading:)

  11. smcopywrite profile image60
    smcopywriteposted 11 years ago

    i believe that every great writer must read. i write book reviews for books that i have read and enjoyed and feel others will also. the same with movie reviews. the more you read the better you will write.

  12. profile image53
    janet2posted 11 years ago

    absolutely!!  I think book reviews are the way people get to learn about different genres and books.   Plus it'd be nice for people to spark interest in your series.  I listen to a great radio show  The host Elaine Charles does such a great job reviewing books and talking about them that always makes me run out and get the book.   Thats probably the key in getting your book to sell as well.   Aside from getting great tips from Elaine's reviews... its just such an entertaining radio show if you are interested in books and authors.

  13. janhart profile image55
    janhartposted 10 years ago

    I think its important to write reviews not only about books you enjoy but also authors I think that merit it. It's a hard life being an indie author so they needs all the support they can get ... within reason, of course. The novel clearly has to have some merit.

  14. MarleneB profile image92
    MarleneBposted 8 years ago

    Yes. I like to write book reviews. I think others should do the same. People's opinion matters. For instance, if I read a review of a book I am contemplating reading, and if I see that someone has written a review of that book, I'm inclined to read it if they wrote a positive review. I know reading, as well as writing is subjective. Personally, I only write book reviews for books I like. If I don't like a book, then I don't do a book review. I know reviews are of the writer's opinion, but I don't like to do negative reviews because negative brings more negative into my life. Positive brings more positive into my life. So, if I read a book that I don't particularly care for, then I keep my opinion to myself. On the other hand, if I read a book that I like, then I will write a raving review about it.


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