Im a Christian and I'm writing a book based on the Christian faith.I dont expect

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    TwikghtTrinityposted 7 years ago

    Im a Christian and I'm writing a book based on the Christian faith.I dont expect anyone to share...

    my beliefs.My question isnt about that.I was just wondering.What about before Jesus?How was Lilith killed?She was before Christ and,so far I've only heard of things related to Christ being able to kill vampires.And I dont want to follow the sterotpyes of sunlight,garlic or stakes either.Can anyone help me?

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    glenn wallaceposted 7 years ago

    Wha ... what's your question?

    Are you asking for info on the folklore character of Lilith? New ways of killing vampires in a psudo-Christian historical fantasy story?

    Lilith is a figure out of Jewish folklore, supposedly Adam's first wife. She was made out of the same soil as Adam, and refused to be subservient to him, instead leaving Eden on her own terms. Not sure how tradition says she dies, but some library/Internet research would be a good start.

    As for some new ideas about how you might kill a vampire with a Judeo-Christian flavor... how about some sort of Kabbalah inscription, or the use of some early Christian symbols (the cross was just one of many).

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    graceomalleyposted 7 years ago

    My understanding is that Lilith is a Jewish figure, never a Christian one. But I think the Lilith story could make some great fiction. I don't think lilith is dead - she continues to plague the decendents of Adam & Eve, out of jealousy or whatever other motive one might ascribe. How about a story sympathetic to Lilith?

    If she got mixed up with vampire lore I think it was because anything threatening (crops failing, babies dying, losing a spouse) could be attributed to "forces of darkness."