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Does it made me a lesser poet?

  1. Extinct Soul profile image58
    Extinct Soulposted 7 years ago

    Does it made me a lesser poet?

    I love writing poems, but I've noticed that i could only write them when i am filled with extreme emotions (pain, sadness, happiness, anger. etc). Thus, makes it hard for me to write one on ordinary-ho-hum days, as per requests or as in school exercise.

  2. profile image0
    Pachuca213posted 7 years ago

    No, quite the contrary. Being a poet isn't just rhyming when told to. It comes from your corazon, your heart and soul. You not being able to write on call just shows you are a true artist. I am the same way. I cannot write unless inspired by emotion or memories. If forced to write something, even if others feel it is wonderful I know inside my heart just wasn't in it, so I feel like its not as good as the work done during extreme emotional inspiration. Be happy you are not the ordinary, but an artist! smile

  3. NourZein profile image58
    NourZeinposted 7 years ago

    No, it means you write with passion and what goes through your heart at that moment. Sometimes we over think our words and emotions and in a way it causes us to freeze..I love writing and writing poems and songs but when I was in high school if i had to write a poem specifically about something I didn't like it. It wasn't the same, or it didn't flow well. I don't like having a limit to what I can or cannot write about. So if you haven't already try freewriting or freestyling. A lot of times if i'm online i just start typing I guess we could call it typing "without thinking". It's relaxing and you'd be surprised what you come up with
    hope this somewhat helped, but I get what your saying

  4. Wiked profile image57
    Wikedposted 7 years ago

    you only know your alive if our bleeding!

  5. sun of zym profile image61
    sun of zymposted 7 years ago

    J. Lennon once said, "if you're going to write something, write the truth", the Beatles were musical poets, all music is poetry, lyrically , and musically.  "I combed my hair"...the Beatles wrote it, "dragged a comb across my head".  Consider the words of the Beatles (any group, actually), "Across the Universe", in the first two verses...words will fly out of you, from experiences, emotion; putting them into words with feeling is part of a healing process...if you miss most of what you want to say, leave to another day to say it in another, maybe more meaningful way; painting words  when you can see them is "greatness"; grow with it, the hits, and the misses....

  6. toysofclay profile image59
    toysofclayposted 7 years ago

    Poetry is another name of emotions. Just capture your emotions when you are in mood maybe it will be lesson for some or entertainment for others.

  7. bulalo profile image60
    bulaloposted 7 years ago

    Being a drunk didn't make Edgar Allan Poe a lesser poet or writer.

    BTW, is there ever an artist/writer/poet who is stable, stoic, and unfeeling?

  8. Extinct Soul profile image58
    Extinct Soulposted 7 years ago

    Thanks for the help/answers guys!!! ^_^
    Pachuca213, it was very overwhelming to hear that from a great artist!! ^_^
    NourZein, thank you! it helped a lot!!
    toysofclay ..short but precise. tnx!
    sun of zym..thanks for the J.Lennon inspired answer..i used to looked up on him too..
    bulalo ..taray! hihihi salamat!
    Wiked..don't you think breathing is more of a valid proof?..hihihi tnx!

  9. seicheprey profile image60
    seichepreyposted 6 years ago

    Not at all.  I happen to get inspired by everything, but I think that I just have a need to theoretically vomit on the page.  Poetry is about seeing the rhythm within the world, and sometimes you can only see that rhythm when you are in an extreme state.

  10. kittythedreamer profile image97
    kittythedreamerposted 6 years ago

    I agree. I can't ever write poetry if I'm not feeling an intense emotion at the time. If it's just any given moment on any given normal day my poems tend to fall flat.