What is your definition of a great book?

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  1. giselle2323 profile image61
    giselle2323posted 12 years ago

    What is your definition of a great book?

  2. quentin marker profile image59
    quentin markerposted 12 years ago

    something that you can relate to. i feel that it is all about your mind set at the time. its good to read about something that you are going through because most books will have a conclusion and may possibly help you to find answers to questions that float around in your head.

  3. tritrain profile image70
    tritrainposted 12 years ago

    One that is thought-provoking and/or entertaining from beginning to end.

  4. lilibees profile image61
    lilibeesposted 12 years ago

    A book that you just can not put down and when you do you are still thinking about it!

  5. lovestowrite10 profile image52
    lovestowrite10posted 12 years ago

    A book that gives you strong emotions or feeling while reading it.

  6. home witch profile image68
    home witchposted 12 years ago

    I think there are a number of factors that make a great book. One is that it makes you think about the world you live in through different eyes. Another is that it makes you become a better person or teaches you a valuable lesson. But being moralistic or knowledge giving is not enough to make a good book, it must be written well, it must prove itself to be worth reading and re-reading, it must be unputdownable. Moreover, it must be something that will stand the test of time. There are lots of books that seem good today, but if you look at them in 10 years time, they will seem passe and completely useless. This is not a great book, a great book is all of the above qualities and much more. It must be one that you will love, will treasure and will want to turn to again and again.

  7. Klena profile image74
    Klenaposted 12 years ago

    A book where lines or scenes come back to you. A book that after you've read it, you feel a sort of sadness because you feel like something's closed or finished within you.

  8. profile image57
    adair_francescaposted 12 years ago

    page turner, you just can't stop reading it and you wan't to finish it right away.

  9. royalbert profile image56
    royalbertposted 12 years ago

    The one after which reading you feel that you have learn something from it not just read it.

  10. kookoo88 profile image61
    kookoo88posted 12 years ago

    A book with fascinating characters that I want to get to know and spend time with.

  11. erumkhan profile image61
    erumkhanposted 12 years ago

    The best book is one which makes you laugh and cry at the same time...like when i read Harry Potter and The Lords of The Rings, i found myself both laughing and crying...........its funny but true!!

  12. tomsum profile image81
    tomsumposted 12 years ago

    Something that is easy to read but doesn't treat you like an idiot. A book where you could easily forget to get off at your stop (although doing that is really annoying!). Sucks you in so you forget where you are and how much time has passed!

  13. Dawn Tate profile image61
    Dawn Tateposted 12 years ago

    One that drew you in so well that it was actually hard to pick up a different book.

    I find myself tossing a lot of books out of my library because their first chapter didn't draw me in or sounded too dull and boring with a regurgitation of the same social or emotional issues as the last one I read.  Whiney male/female books will make me throw the covers over my head.

  14. sturner1 profile image61
    sturner1posted 12 years ago

    A book that resonates with you even after you read the last page. A book that you want to read again even after you know it's ending. So good that you dream about it, and it's like you are there. It made you laugh, cry, sit on the edge of your bed, and dare to turn the page.

  15. HerbalMarvel profile image59
    HerbalMarvelposted 12 years ago

    One that absorbs me - I read for escapism and need to become absorbed.  The problem is poor writing brings me out of it, so I need a well written book!

  16. profile image54
    J0gg1s3nposted 12 years ago

    A good book is a book, which makes you think "one more chapter, and I'll go to bed" at least a dozen times

  17. AllAboutCoffee profile image61
    AllAboutCoffeeposted 12 years ago

    A non-fiction book about home businesses and internet marketing that I actually get good ideas from and can use right then and there.

  18. Big Brother profile image70
    Big Brotherposted 12 years ago

    To start reading today and to finished the same day... This is a really great book...

  19. brandonakelly profile image59
    brandonakellyposted 12 years ago

    It would depend on how you look at it really.. a great book could mean that it is extremely popular, such as Harry Potter and can't stay on shelves. On the other hand, a great book could also mean that you thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would most likely read it again.

  20. larryprice5372 profile image60
    larryprice5372posted 12 years ago

    I like a book that is either historical fiction or non-fiction.  I like to read stuff with educational value.  Fiction is okay if there are real characters in the story.  An authors ability to build fictional characters that are likable or interesting is also important.

    I've always liked James Mitchner.  He built brilliant characters while telling wonderfully interesting stories.  There are many that measure with Mitchner, but I'll not go into all of them.

    I also love the Dickens novels.  His ability to build characters and themes with moral value is unchallenged.

  21. LSpel profile image65
    LSpelposted 12 years ago

    What a great question. My definition of a great book is one that you end up reading within a day, no matter how long it is. Also, one that really pulls you in. The kind of book that you actually feel like you're a part of.

  22. smelloftruth profile image61
    smelloftruthposted 12 years ago

    The book that inspires me for many days to come and matches my aspirations.

  23. profile image57
    Stanley0816posted 12 years ago

    One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez.

  24. jenniryan profile image61
    jenniryanposted 12 years ago

    a book that is easy to ready, inspires you to do the things that inspire you and makes a lasting impression on you.

  25. tinaweha profile image59
    tinawehaposted 12 years ago

    To me, a great book is a novel that transports me to a different time period.  I like historical fiction.  Some of my faves have been Clan of the Cave Bear (for women), The Autobiography of Henry the VIII by Margaret George, Reindeer Moon, and Shogun.

  26. Docmo profile image91
    Docmoposted 12 years ago

    A great book is not just a good book. A good book i one that you'd finish, one that entertains and may grip you from start to finish.

    A great book is a keeper, a kind of book that keeps on giving every times you come back to it. It has many layers and dimensions. It will show an authors passion, will have three characters with depth that are constructed well and not cardboard cut-outs put there  just to drive the plot. It will stand the rigours of time and will resonate for years to come. A great book is one you want to share, to gift to another book lover.

  27. MarieOaks profile image60
    MarieOaksposted 12 years ago

    *a book that, while I read it, I don't even realize I'm turning the pages because it is so engaging and reads like a movie in my mind.
    *or, a book that, while I read it, I put down often to think about the implications, the content, etc - a book that I'm learning from with every page.

  28. davidrio profile image73
    davidrioposted 12 years ago

    I believe  a great book is:

    1-something that stands the test of time: you can read it 20 years later and still be amazed

    2-transcends his author: the book becomes part of the cultural heritage of mankind putting the author at a subsidiary level

    3-a masterpiece that leaves an open end, as if you wanted to write the sequel

    4-enables readers from different regions, beliefs, genders and ages ( beyond 18 years old) to enjoy reading it

    5- is composed of chapters\parts than alone could make perfect starting points to other great books

    Some of the books that  fit in this category: from whom the bell tolls ( Heminghway), 1984 ( O.Wells), democracy in America ( A. Toqueville), Grapes of Wrath ( J.Steinbeck),Gulliver's Travels (J.Swift) or  Brave New World (A.Huxley)

  29. profile image0
    surlyoldcatposted 12 years ago

    So far there are some really good points that describe what makes a good book.

    For me, personally, if I wind up jumping and yelling at the characters, or start blubbering, or give a huge fist pump when the good guys win, then it's a good book.

    When a tale becomes an emotional investment, it's a damned good book.

  30. supercibor profile image61
    superciborposted 12 years ago

    There is not such thing as a  bad book because  we  all can learn something  from them. There are  great  books  that  can  be boring and  others can make you  live your own  life through the eyes  of  a  writer.That  is  a great  book  for me

  31. rlleon42 profile image81
    rlleon42posted 12 years ago

    A book that passes time without noticing is a good book. A book that you rush home to read, or wake up early to squeeze in a chapter, thats a great book. Typically a book that has a compelling story that promotes attractive visualization of characters and locales, as well as plots that are suspensful and unpredictable.

  32. teamfusiongroup profile image61
    teamfusiongroupposted 12 years ago

    One I don't have to read ... no, one that is read to me? Nope, the one that is on audio?  Yes - that's the one for me. I am just too busy (a good busy btw) to be able to take the time for a book.  But I love listening to them while driving.

  33. DailyResearcher profile image60
    DailyResearcherposted 12 years ago

    A great book is the one that we can relate to and learn from for the better, and maybe the one that also brings tears (for women) smile

  34. DerekWrite profile image61
    DerekWriteposted 12 years ago

    One where I come away looking at the world in a different light.

  35. carrentalinfo profile image59
    carrentalinfoposted 12 years ago

    great book is book that is readable also the second, third time:)

  36. profile image56
    Teeboy1posted 12 years ago

    To me, a great book is the kind of book that after reading it, it would take me days before reading another novel. And you will find me reharsing every line and conversation

  37. tenordj profile image65
    tenordjposted 12 years ago

    To me a great book that captures my attention and pulls me into the story so much that when I put it down I cant wait till the next moment I can pick it up and dive right back in.

  38. profile image59
    Earthmother Maraposted 12 years ago

    A book that sucks you into its world as you are reading it, feels like saying goodbye to your best friend as you finish it, comes back to haunt you in waves and leaves you feeling a better-off, wiser or more understanding and compassionate person for having read it.

  39. profile image49
    I'mwiththeflowposted 12 years ago

    a book that I can't put down, that I'm always trying to figure out. A book that I can relate to, and because it was so good it's not compareable. A book that after I have read a little bit, I'm still thinking about what is going to happen next. A book that I can reccommend to other people and be totally sure they won't be let down. A book that I can understand, and a book that is realisitc yet imaginative, and most of all - A book that will make me think ... big_smile

  40. easyfreerecipes profile image61
    easyfreerecipesposted 12 years ago

    one that makes me want to keep reading, to not want to put it down even though my eyes are tired. one that i think about reading after i stop. one that i learn something from or gain new perspective from

  41. Azlynn profile image61
    Azlynnposted 12 years ago

    Something that will hold my interest from the first page! And when it ends you wish it wouldnt have!

  42. swedal profile image65
    swedalposted 12 years ago

    It takes a great book for me to read it more than once. So I would say one that I can read more than one time and still enjoy it.

  43. RunescapePro profile image60
    RunescapeProposted 12 years ago

    For me it's all about character development. If I can't really understand where a character is coming from, then I don't have any desire to read on.

  44. profile image0
    cillamposted 12 years ago

    something with a twist that makes you actually talk out loud.

  45. Kotori profile image67
    Kotoriposted 12 years ago

    - has characters whose actions are unpredictable
    - is able to carry many strands of plot at once
    - if fiction, feels like it could really happen (even if it's about aliens)
    - teaches you things without your noticing
    - feels like an old friend when you're done

  46. Msvirgo profile image59
    Msvirgoposted 12 years ago

    A book you can't put down.A book people can relate too or one you want to tell people about.Also at the end of it you wish it was longer.

  47. Danette Watt profile image81
    Danette Wattposted 12 years ago

    One that I don't want to end for fiction. For nonfiction, I want to learn something.

  48. profile image56
    helpheartburnposted 12 years ago

    A good book is like a tourist guide to the reality of its world. The book stops being and book and suddenly you find yourself seeing, hearing and feeling the sights and sounds.

    Have you felt like you *knew* the characters of the book after you finished it? It was like you saw and heard them for real.

  49. avalencia_25 profile image60
    avalencia_25posted 12 years ago

    a great book to me is a book you cannot put down. It doesnt matter on its reviews or popularity if it can take you to another place/world then its a great book.

  50. memoreton profile image61
    memoretonposted 12 years ago

    A  great book is a book you cant put down, that reaches you and you connect with the author. Also a book that you remeber things from well enough to talk about them, that you refer to or read again and that you often talk about and recomend to others.


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