Viking, you said you made lots f money freelancing.

  1. teamrn profile image67
    teamrnposted 7 years ago

    Viking, you said you made lots f money freelancing.

    Do you publish successful books or poetry? I''d like to make more,  but so far, I've had no  luck and it seems that everyone wants to engage your services-for FREE. Heck, they don't do their job for free!

  2. viking305 profile image96
    viking305posted 7 years ago

    Hello teamrn

    No I didn't say I made lots of money freelancing lol, if only!

    I have been writing for magazines for years and made a few bob.  But since I have started to write online my earnings are growing steadily.  I am with HubPages for 9 months now and started to get earnings after the 5th month. 

    It took a lot of learning about the rules and ways of Google and I learned this by my own research and by reading the fantastic information here on HubPages by other hubbers. 

    Every month since my earnings have risen and they are from hubs I have written here.  My advice is to learn all you can about the basic rules and then just keep writing.  I have 86 hubs so far and intend to keep on writing as time allows.

    The beauty of HubPages is you write a hub, publish it and then once it matures you get paid a steady income.

    Good luck here on HubPages and with your writing

    Viking305     Lorraine