Does it seem that lots of people on here only care about making money?

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  1. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 12 years ago

    Does it seem that lots of people on here only care about making money?

    i see people asking how much they can make, what to write about to make money etc. has the love of writing been lost to many hubbers.

  2. M. T. Dremer profile image83
    M. T. Dremerposted 12 years ago

    I'm assuming most people, myself included, were introduced to HubPages as a money making entity first and a writing website second. That is to say, I discovered HubPages listed among a handful of other websites that would pay for online writing. So I came here with that intent. Even if I hadn't known, at first, that I could make money off my articles, I would have found out shortly after when I was bombarded with money making information as I registered. It's not really something that you can ignore as a member of this community, and considering how poor most of us are, you can't blame us for wanting to make a few more bucks. (Writing is a terrible profession if you want to actually make money). Some people here might not have a passion for writing (just the money aspect) but I know for certain that there is a strong community of devoted writers that continue to make this a great place to work.

  3. Seeker7 profile image80
    Seeker7posted 12 years ago


    I think there are a few on the site that are more interested in making money than writing quality content. Most of the hubs I read are well written and enjoyable, but some are very poor indeed and have obviously not even been proof-read. Writers of very poor hubs signify to me that they want readers but only in order to click on the ads and are not really interested in giving their visitors any quality or enjoyment.

  4. sj_workman79 profile image60
    sj_workman79posted 12 years ago

    I don't know why anyone would expect to make good money off this site. I just get excited when I press publish for one of my writings here.

  5. Moms-Secret profile image74
    Moms-Secretposted 12 years ago

    Being a skeptic, I didn't believe what I read about the income potential here.  I actually signed up for a writing outlet after reading a few hubs.  It was either this or a blog and this seemed simpler to me.  If I do make money here in the future it will be a pleasant and welcome bonus but I had other goals.

  6. profile image0
    Arlene V. Pomaposted 12 years ago

    As usual, I don't follow the "norm".  I am retired, I have a pension and each day is mine.  I don't chase money.  When you make money your #1 priority in life, you will find that you will never have enough of it.  I write because I want to write.  By setting a goal each day to write something for HubPages, I feel that I'm ready to get in the groove of working on my novel on a daily basis.  I am a published writer, but retirement has given me a second shot at writing and lots of other things I've put aside because I had to work and pay the bills.

  7. Dennis AuBuchon profile image60
    Dennis AuBuchonposted 12 years ago

    I have a passion for writing and enjoy what I do.  The topics on which I write I feel need to be written.  If I make some money through this site it is an added benefit but it was not my goal when I first started to publish my articles.

    I believe in the principle that one person can make a difference and the articles I write on this and other sites are an attempt to accomplish that principle.

    I feel many writers on this stie have a passion for writing and want to write a quality product.  While there may be some that have as their main object is to make money it is not the only benefit to participating here.  One thing I have seen with the addition of subdomains is an improvement in the ranking of my activities.  I attribute it in part to my participation on hubpages and the quality and topics of the articles I write.

    Getting exposure through sites such as this should be a goal of every writer.  The more exposure you achieve the more you can be recognized as an expert in the type of writing you write.
    Hubpages is a great site and I am proud to be a part of it.

  8. profile image0
    mikeq107posted 12 years ago

    I have been on here 3 years..when I joined it was just to write...about 9 months ago I signed up for ad-sense....Honestly do not really care for the money needs are already met :0)  I write here because I love it..not much point in doing some thing if you don`t love it.
    My Dad spent his whole life chasing money and in the end died with out any or any real friends...I on the other hand have met some great writers and friends on here after all thats what life is all cant bring you life its just dead paper...its all going to burn anyway :0)

    great question...Thanks for asking!!!
    Mike :0)

  9. Nelma profile image61
    Nelmaposted 12 years ago

    I am new here. And everytime I "hop" another hubs, its seems like 60% is chasing easy money using scam tatics. I flag them all.
    But, as I said, I am new here, and this could be a coincidence.
    In other hand, here I found a wonderfull community. Gentil and smart people, who loves to write and help another people.
    To me looks like Hubpages has two faces, and you can get evolved with that one fits you better.

  10. Cardisa profile image89
    Cardisaposted 12 years ago

    I agree with MT. When I signed up on HP it was to make money. I have been trying to find means of earning with my talent and first love (that is writing of course). I signed up, placed a bunch of my work, some of my best short stories but alas, no luck earning anything.

    What I am now asking in return, is it fair to me, the writer, to let my hard work and some of my best work go for free when all I was looking for is a way to earn when I signed up?

    One can still love writing while trying to earn from it. Why should it be separate, why should a person who is trying to earn be thought of as not liking to write. Is is so bad trying to earn money on HP? That is what the site is for.

    This site was created as a business.

  11. K. Burns Darling profile image76
    K. Burns Darlingposted 12 years ago

    I think that what you are seeing are mostly new people who have been lured in by the prospect of making money, but for the most part, I think that hubbers who stay and write and publish and become part of the community here, stay for the love of writing. Don't get me wrong, everyone likes making money, and in this economy, every little bit helps, but Hub Pages is one of the best on-line communities around, and I think that those who love to write stay, and those who are interested in a quick buck, don't.

  12. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image82
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 12 years ago

    I care a lot about making money here - but I refuse to change my style or habits to do so.  So this "elevates my game" I think.

  13. stuff4you profile image56
    stuff4youposted 12 years ago

    Honestly, if that were not possible I wouldn't have the time or energy to be on here much.

    so yeah it kind of does seem that way. but we've all got to make money - it is power after all which gives us more control over our lives.

    I am not selfish about it since I don't scam or spam
    (but for the spamming some people disagree with me on that one)

  14. cbl2988 profile image61
    cbl2988posted 12 years ago

    What is wrong with wanting to make money? Answer: nothing.

  15. Jennie Demario profile image38
    Jennie Demarioposted 12 years ago

    Yes it seems like a lot of people are exploring the internet as a way to make a quick buck.  As with anything, making money comes from hard work.  There are no shortcuts or easy ways around it.

  16. FloraBreenRobison profile image60
    FloraBreenRobisonposted 12 years ago

    I use this site to write on topics I love. I will write on other sites to make money. People might  buy books or movies I discuss via Amazon. But there will be no ad clicking. Not with my topics.


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