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Where can I collect old fashion perfume bottles

  1. Darknlovely3436 profile image82
    Darknlovely3436posted 7 years ago

    Where can I collect old fashion perfume bottles

    I love to collection old fashion perfumes bottle, instead of tossing them out ,
    i would love to have yours perfumes bottle especially if it old fashion, like 100 year ago bottle could be older... do you have any bottles just lying around in your attic..

  2. MPChris profile image79
    MPChrisposted 7 years ago

    Antique malls, Salvation Army Stores, Etc.

  3. Just Ask Susan profile image90
    Just Ask Susanposted 7 years ago

    I do not have anything in my attic but many times you can find these bottles at garage sales or estate sales and flea markets.

  4. Loveslove profile image59
    Lovesloveposted 7 years ago

    I collect Perfume Bottles...I have over 200 some are old some new,I have a few antigue ones and some special ones baught for me by a friend.
    You ask where can you  collect perfume bottles? Well I scour antique fairs , Charity shops, and Bric a brac stalls  I also put Perfume Bottles on my Christmas List...Happy Hunting !!( I have a HUB about my collection )

  5. PAPA-BEAR profile image60
    PAPA-BEARposted 7 years ago

    Village car boot sales or school jumble sales