Anyone have any tips on how to start writing a book?

  1. LaTina B. profile image59
    LaTina B.posted 6 years ago

    Anyone have any tips on how to start writing a book?

  2. J.S.Matthew profile image83
    J.S.Matthewposted 6 years ago

    My advice would be to just start writing. You don't need a title, that can come later. The author Steven King, in his non-fiction book "On Writing", mentioned that he takes 2 completely unrelated events or ideas, and fuses them together to make a story. I believe that.

    Characters can be added, developed, and even removed from a script at any time. You can change a setting in a heartbeat. To be effective in writing a novel, one must write, edit, write, edit...and so on.

    I had started a novel a few years ago and I had over 50 pages of a manuscript typed and edited. Then I went blank.
    The Moral of the story? I stopped writing! I never went back. Writing this comment is making me want to revisit that script!


  3. Drax profile image75
    Draxposted 6 years ago

    I think although writing it is often a passion and may not seem like work it is still a job and as such then it is good to have some discipline;-

    Decide what it is.. fact or fiction
    Pick something you have passion about
    Sketch out a loose framework
    Set yourself a target, every day, every second day or every week - something that is achievable, keep the old writing muscle exercised.
    Start writing it ASAP...
    Consider a short story as a way to start
    NEVER ever let anyone discourage you since writing is to a large extent a solitary pursuit...

    There is the creative side of it, the writing writing and then there is the business side of actually trying to sell it.

    Figure out what will make it different from the competition
    Consider perhaps blogging the writing of it
    Build up your Social to engage your readers.. Hubpages, Facebook, Twitter
    Consider writing a taster chapter and seeking feedback from a few publishers, or magazines
    Look at Print on Demand
    Look at the move to EBook
    Remember the 3G's
    Get it written, Get it out there, Get it making money

    Talk to me direct if you want more then this since I am 80% towards setting up my own publishing house here in Ireland and am happy to provide pointers...

    Good Luck :-)