What according to you is more important than the other in the story, the charact

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  1. anusha15 profile image85
    anusha15posted 10 years ago

    What according to you is more important than the other in the story, the characters or the plot?

    Well stories can be categorized into plot driven and character driven, but in general, what do you think? Characters are more important - well defining them, well portraying them or is the plot itself that is more important? It would be really great if you could add an instance, a story line which you enjoyed because it  was plot/character driven, or one which you found full of flaws because it plot/character driven and it that was the reason it got ruined.

  2. Attikos profile image78
    Attikosposted 10 years ago

    I think they're coequal. Good stories build both.

  3. ComfortB profile image87
    ComfortBposted 10 years ago

    True, stories can be both plot driven and character driven, but without the plot in place, of what good are the characters? The plot is the structure of the whole story. That's how you know the what, who and where.

    Once the plot is in place, then the 'who' can be plugged into the story line.

  4. Kathleen Cochran profile image80
    Kathleen Cochranposted 10 years ago

    The plot is what happens when you tell your story.  Bring your characters to life and the plot will follow. 

    "It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times."  And one of the greatest stories ever told followed through what happened to the people in the story.  - Tale of Two Cities, Dickens.

    But this debate will go on as long as there are writers.  We all do things in our own way.

  5. profile image0
    Phoebe Pikeposted 10 years ago

    A plot cannot truly occur without characters who drive the plot. It's the decisions and actions of characters that make a plot happen. Without a plot, you simply have charaters, nothing more. They would do nothing and that would be the end. They are dependant upon each other to create a story.

  6. rikabothra profile image61
    rikabothraposted 10 years ago

    Wow... good question... it really got me thinking. I think I would go with a good plot rather than good characters - I feel, in a way, it is the plot that builds the characters.

  7. Jarn profile image59
    Jarnposted 10 years ago

    I prefer plot-driven stories. They tend to be faster and there's less room for navel-gazing, though that's not to say that it isn't important to have believable characters. Without a plot, what you tend to end up with is a character-study, which usually just bore me to tears.

  8. profile image0
    Giselle Maineposted 10 years ago

    Definitely plot.  This is probably because I enjoy detective fiction, mystery and suspense... which by nature are plot-driven.

  9. princess g profile image61
    princess gposted 10 years ago

    I think the characters are always the most important element in a story

  10. anupma profile image73
    anupmaposted 10 years ago

    I think that without a good plot or character, a story cannot be successful or become popular. Both are part of a good story. The question is like, which hand do you like most. And answer is both hands are important.

  11. plutopanes profile image60
    plutopanesposted 10 years ago

    i guess neither of them are important. but some characters are a real pain in the ass. There are few well behaved characters too, they would do as the author wants, you know, like the red riding hood will meet the wolf. Meeting the wolf becomes her characteristics. But then there are some who rebel. Those i call the "rouge characters".

    I quote Harold Pinter to describe them to you: “The author’s position is an odd one. In a sense he is not welcomed by the characters. The characters resist him, they are not easy to live with, they are impossible to define. You certainly can’t dictate to them… To a certain extent you play a never-ending game with them, cat and mouse, blind man’s buff, hide and seek. But finally you find that you have people of flesh and blood on your hands, people with will and an individual sensibility of their own, made out of component parts you are unable to change, manipulate or distort.”

    i guess i should indeed write a hub about these rascals.

  12. profile image57
    osa agbonlahorposted 9 years ago

    This one is difficult. I want to say the plot, but in my experience, this isn't always the case. The novel "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King has a great plot, but I've never been able to read it because the main character is awful and infuriating.

    In another Stephen King novel "Dolores Claiborne", the plot was just so-and-so, but the characters were amazing and so...alive (those that WERE alive, I mean) , that I couldn't put it down.


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