How much one can earn by hubpages per month?

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    Deepak Chaturvediposted 5 years ago

    How much one can earn by hubpages per month?

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    the50marathons17posted 5 years ago


    The possibilities are endless. There are hubbers who earn over $1,000 a month and some who barely earn a dollar a month. It all depends on (in order): quality of hubs, quantity of hubs, and how much/many backlinks and promoting you put into your hubs.
    It takes time for hubs to mature, so if your brand new and looking to make a quick buck, don't count on it. Eventually, however, with the neccessary time and effort, your residual income (or income every month without doing any work) will be high enough for comfortable payouts every month.
    For now, just focus on writing high quality hubs.

    Hope this helped,