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How much do you earn per month from Hubpages?

  1. tommen profile image81
    tommenposted 5 years ago

    How much do you earn per month from Hubpages?

    How much are your monthly earnings from Hubpages at the moment and with how many hubs? I personally make around $15 per month at the moment (all income sources included) with 64 hubs.What´s your situation?

  2. bankscottage profile image95
    bankscottageposted 5 years ago

    I have been on HubPages about 9 months and have published 46 Hubs.  I had trouble getting a Google Adsense account so I have only been earning money since late August.  I average about $6 per month.  Many of my Hubs are seasonal.  I have several tax Hubs that hopefully will get more traffic in the next few months and some travel oriented hubs that will pick up after the tax season as people get ready for summer vacation. 
    Although most of my views come from Google, most of my money comes from the HPs Ad program.  I get about 1 cent per day from Google and have never gotten anything from eBay or Amazon (even though I use a lot of Amazon capsules in my Hubs).

  3. safiq ali patel profile image73
    safiq ali patelposted 5 years ago

    Very small income. In fact just a few dollars all in all with just 8 hubs. I think I worked out that to earn something like a living wage from hubpages you would need about 1.2million readers visiting your hubs each month to earn maybe around $1200.00 dollars per month. I'm not even sure that any one hub or set of hubs here on hubpages can even begin to handle that amount of traffic.
    My most visited hhttp://safiqalipatel.hubpages.com/hub/Air-India that brings in a slice of dollars each month is this one.

  4. MickS profile image71
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    It's rude to interogate people about their earnings.

    1. tommen profile image81
      tommenposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hey Mick! My intention was NOT to be rude, I would just like to know approximately what kind of income others are earning at the moment.It helps me determine if there is something I am doing wrong because my income is very low, or Google changes...

  5. profile image0
    mayank786posted 5 years ago

    As i am new in this field and my account is 8 days old so i am not earning anything right now but i tried my best to earn good amount of money.

  6. suraj punjabi profile image86
    suraj punjabiposted 4 years ago

    Hey tommen, generally speaking, you will tend to get a very low income on hubpages unless maybe you pour your heart and soul into it like some people do. I personally have made $0.61 in the month of march. hopefully will be able to make more this month. I would also like to bring your attention to the fact, that aside from earning through your own hub, do you know that you can also earn by sharing other people's hubs? Try searching for "referral trackers" in the help section and see how they can help you earn from it! I can't write one hub a day, so on days when I don't write I share other people's articles, only the ones which I find interesting, in my facebook, twitter or other social media sites. bringing unique viewers to other hubs can help you with earnings as well! I wish you good luck my friend. take care!