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How often do you use your e-reader?

  1. M. T. Dremer profile image94
    M. T. Dremerposted 5 years ago

    How often do you use your e-reader?

    On Christmas 2011 there was a large surge in the sale of e-readers. So we know that a great deal of people own them now. I'm one of them and I find myself using it infrequently. If I want a new book, I always think to purchase the physical copy first, and then later realize I should get the digital copy (which is usually a sad realization and then I just don't buy the book). Part of this is because I'm not used to the format, and part of it is a deeply rooted love of physical books. So I'm asking if anyone else is having this problem, or are you thoroughly enjoying your new e-reader every day?

  2. Michelle Taylor profile image77
    Michelle Taylorposted 5 years ago

    When I first heard of the e-reader I was automatically, irrationally against the idea.  I love books.  I love the feel of them and the smell of them. I enjoy watching my collection grow as I organize and make more room on my bookshelves.  There is something extremely satisfying about holding a heavy hardcover book in your lap and watching the end come closer and closer as you turn the pages.  Then, someone in my family told me that one day I was going to have to move the hundreds of books that I have acquired over the years and I was going to be miserable doing it. (Plus I am running out of room and there is only so much space for more bookshelves).  Finally last Christmas someone in my family bought be the Kindle Fire and told me to give it a try.  I did, and I have to admit, I really do love it. I bought a nice leather cover for it so it still feels like I am holding a hardcover book and with the progress bar on the botton I can still see the pages going by to the end. There are also many books that are completely free which is nice since I usually purchase at least 50 per year.  While there are certain books that I still prefer to purchase in physical hardcover format there are many that are perfectly fine for the e-reading format.  "Beach books" or travel books are perfect examples of the kind of books that would be better if purchased on an e-reader. Plus, with the Kindle Fire you can connect to the internet and enjoy apps and games.  I don't particularly care for the other e-reader models but the Kindle Fire has definitely been a fine addition to my collection.

  3. YadiraE profile image89
    YadiraEposted 5 years ago

    I got an e-reader this Christmas and I love it!!! As much as I love hard copy books, having an e-reader has made my life so much easier!!! I spend less money and I have more space in my bookshelves!! I use my kindle every day, but I think is more to the fact that I am currently unemployed. big_smile

  4. profile image0
    Emily Sparksposted 5 years ago

    I use it everyday.  Not only can I read on it, but I also have internet access.....which I am using right now!  I love my NookColor!

  5. Fawntia profile image
    Fawntiaposted 5 years ago

    I use mine almost every day during my commute (on public transit). The two main benefits for me are: (1) my Kindle is much smaller and lighter than many physical books, and thus fits in my purse better, and (2) I can have almost any book I want in my hands in a few minutes.