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What was the most interesting topic that you have written about or read?

  1. Express10 profile image88
    Express10posted 5 years ago

    What was the most interesting topic that you have written about or read?

  2. starstream profile image78
    starstreamposted 5 years ago

    I loved a book which I found at the 99Cent Store. It is a fiction adventure story about finding treasure in South America. title:  "Queen Jade".

    1. Express10 profile image88
      Express10posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I cannot remember how many books I've picked up at dollar stores. Finding treasure sounds very interesting.

  3. iTommyGuns profile image82
    iTommyGunsposted 5 years ago

    One the most I interesting things I wrote about was the Abu Graib prison incident during the Iraq war. I just learned about the studies done many years earlier and when I looked into the prison incident the similarities were shocking.
    http://itommyguns.hubpages.com/hub/Abus … arch-Paper

    1. Express10 profile image88
      Express10posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      It's interesting to try & figure out the reasons & there are many reasons some people choose to treat others this horribly. Sometimes they're wrongly adhering to others' commands and other times there appears to be no logic.

  4. montecristo profile image83
    montecristoposted 5 years ago

    About comic book history. It fascinates me about how it evolved through the years.

  5. Damodar Bashyal profile image70
    Damodar Bashyalposted 5 years ago

    This is the story I have written since last few months and just published few parts of the series: http://houseforlove.com/blog/tag/lost-soul

    I wanted to improve my english through writing and here you go, I have reached part 7 and part 8 is coming soon smile

    Just landed recently on hubpages, hopefully I'll find and write some interesting topic. for reading I just read one interesting hub by rosika: http://rosika.hubpages.com/hub/Two-grea … ightingale

  6. profile image53
    sweetsakshi30posted 5 years ago

    Well my favorite topic is Priory of Sion. This topic attracts me always. I often read about this and try to gather maximum knowledge about this topic. I also wrote an article on this topic http://www.wikinut.com/priory-of-sion%3 … /42r57izr/

  7. Tonipet profile image84
    Tonipetposted 5 years ago

    It's always about beauty, home and children. It inspires me and I love reading everything about these topics over and over again. Beautiful question!

  8. mikejhca profile image91
    mikejhcaposted 5 years ago

    I have written about the mind body connection.  For research I did some experiments.  At least I found the experiments and the results interesting.  One of my favorite ones was the experiment that had me significantly increase my strength without physical exercise.  Your thoughts are powerful.

    1. Express10 profile image88
      Express10posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      This sounds very interesting. I studied this topic a bit for a stress mgmt. course I took a semester ago. Seemed like fluff until I tried it.

  9. lostohanababy profile image59
    lostohanababyposted 3 years ago

    "Does Satan influence Dreams?"  Scary but happens once in awhile.  Especially after a most trying day that has been difficult to cope with that I assume carries over into my dreams.   So, now I try to talk it out and say a little prayer, asking for protection to be given happy dreams.          That was a interesting Question to answer at this site.     In writing, I have several but personally taken from an experience of several years ago, my favorite was "Angelic Cloak", I submitted to short stories on MidLife Collage a few months ago.   I was protected by Angelic intervention, on my home at night from work from two men and a van that attepted to abduct me.  Some how they didn't see me and I walked away.  I could see them as I walked away under A Angel's protection but they looked for me but couldn't see me.  Made me a believer of the Supernatural!