What is a word made up of 4 letters?

  1. jim.sheng profile image64
    jim.shengposted 5 years ago

    What is a word made up of 4 letters?

    What is a word made up of 4 letters, yet is also made up of 3. Although is written with 8 letters, and then with 4. Rarely consists of 6, and never is written with 5.

    (Reshared from G+ stream. It puzzles me a quite long time, and  from this I learned something about “use-mention distinction”.)

  2. nochance profile image92
    nochanceposted 5 years ago

    These are statements not questions. "what" is 4 letters, "yet" is 3 letters, "although" is 8 letters, "then" is 4 letters, "rarely" is 6 letters, "never" is 5 letters.

  3. alancaster149 profile image84
    alancaster149posted 5 years ago

    Sounds like Double-Dutch. You might enlighten us soon and put us all out of our misery. There are word-games and there's word-play, this is something else...