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Would you accept a smiley face as punctuation?

  1. ThompsonPen profile image78
    ThompsonPenposted 5 years ago

    Would you accept a smiley face as punctuation?

    I catch myself all the time - instead of writing a period or an exclamation mark or something similar, I add a textual smiley face. I don't do it in my Hubs, of course, but generally, when writing to people, I do smile

  2. Audrey Baker profile image85
    Audrey Bakerposted 5 years ago

    I don't think you're alone, I see it all the time. If it's just friendly banter then I don't see a problem. Definitely not okay in a thesis! I see a lot of sentences ending with "lol"as well.

    1. ThompsonPen profile image78
      ThompsonPenposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      yeah I am definitely trying to break that habit as well!

  3. Goody5 profile image72
    Goody5posted 5 years ago

    In messages or comments I think they are great  smile

  4. innerspin profile image93
    innerspinposted 5 years ago

    I'd be rather confused. I'm not a texter and don't use smiley faces on anything. Okay, I'm a dinosaur. smile Did I just do that? There's a first time for everything.

  5. Jeff Berndt profile image86
    Jeff Berndtposted 5 years ago

    In informal communication (emails between friends, comments on message boards, tweets, etc), it's fine. Smiley away: they enhance clarity.

    In formal communication (a work-related email, a scholarly paper, a letter to the editor, a published article, etc), it's not okay. The smiley will make you seem less credible, less mature, and less professional. In formal writing, your words should make your meaning clear. If your meaning might be misinterpreted, do a re-write until it /is/ clear.

    Smileys are for your time off.

  6. annart profile image86
    annartposted 5 years ago

    Only in texts or emails; other usage is out as it's just for fun, not for serious writing. Traditional rules of grammar and presentation are essential if you want to put across a serious point or important information.  Smiley faces are definitely not acceptable in exams - I have seen some!

  7. ahorseback profile image59
    ahorsebackposted 5 years ago

    Me too ! and you know what I caught that here !................:-}
    Oh and for U.......@-->>--

  8. Gina145 profile image82
    Gina145posted 5 years ago

    Smileys can be useful for communication in internet forums if you want people to know that your comment shouldn't be taken too seriously.  Otherwise I don't use them very often.