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Sex and Advertising

  1. Gazzman91 profile image60
    Gazzman91posted 8 years ago

    For some time now sex has always been labelled as dingy cinemas with dirty old men in their rain macks but it is time for a change.

    Advertisers have noticed that sex sells there is no true statement than that, picture it car advertisers for years with scantily cladded women parading themselves all over the newest model. Advertisers know that when men see this they will think if they buy that car they will get themselves a women. It may be sad but it is very much true.

    Bill Hicks once noted that the most simpliest advert needed would be just a camera close up of a woman's face, the camera would zoom out to show her breats and then zoom out even more to show her completely naked with the caption saying "Drink Coke". That idea may seem far fetched to some but the simplicity of it is overwhelming. Advertisers wouldn't need millions of pounds and special effects to promote their products simplicity like that will. Its bold, eye catching and easy to understand the message. Just drink coke no reason behind it or propaganda just straight out there.

    Furthermore if we choose to embrace sex as a form to relax us we wouldn't need to use alternatives like violence, drink or drugs because we are all looking in the wrong places for the answers.

    We as a human race are here to reproduce there is no higher meaning that is it in black and white.

    Simplicity is the key

  2. pioneer_writer5 profile image58
    pioneer_writer5posted 8 years ago

    Unfortunately, children are also exposed to Advertisement. In a perfect world procreation would only take place between two consenting responsible adults. In addition, using sex to sell products is dishonest. If the product is really as good as sex then the product probably would be illegal The advertisers are not selling the virtues of their products. Instead they are playing on the wishes, needs, and desires to push their products.

  3. Casper021 profile image58
    Casper021posted 8 years ago

    simple answer "sex sells" honest or dishonest its up to a personal opinion when it comes to making money as long as it legal and works people will use it

    1. pioneer_writer5 profile image58
      pioneer_writer5posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      You are right. From the prospective of the industry that has as its aim increased sales of course they do not see or choose not to see the dishonesty in what they do. And I am sure many people see no harm in using sex to sell merchandise. When advertisers use sex to sell, they play on people's needs and desires. They in effect become Pimps using sex to make money. Is not what Pimps do? and of course, selling sex is legal because they are not really selling sex but the idea of sex. Looking at the nature of Sex, where does it start? Not in your pants, but in your head. The idea in your head creates a desire that results or not in affecting your lower extremities. While creating that desire is not illegal, what would happen if that desire were created but could never be fulfilled. The person that put that desire into your head could and would never fulfill that desire? Is not that dishonest?

  4. profile image66
    logic,commonsenseposted 8 years ago

    As long as there are buyers there will be sellers, regardless of the product.

  5. samsbr profile image36
    samsbrposted 8 years ago

    Sex and advertising has deep relation

  6. Gazzman91 profile image60
    Gazzman91posted 8 years ago

    We live in an dishonest world where people are willing to lie and cheat to achieve their aims and objectives at whatever costs.

    They see people as cows that they can milk for their money

    What advetisers play on is people desires and needs trying to convince people that they need their product/service in bedding themselves deep inside the person's mind to put the idea that they need them more than they actually truly do