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    Roxanne the Moose                                        1Bamford

         Once there was a moose named Roxanne.  Now Roxanne would sometimes get lost as she wandered about here and there and one time she even roamed all the way into Santaâ��s Village at the North Pole.
        â��A moose! What a moose at the North Pole!â��  exclaimed Clancy, one of Santaâ��s elves.  â��What use is a moose?â��
        â��What use is a moose?â�� said Sebastian, another elf.  â��Why a moose can eat hay.â��
        â��Exactly!â��  said Clancy  â��What use is a moose?â��
    Santa came to have a look at the lost Roxanne.
                â��Iâ��m afraid Iâ��ll have to agree with my elves,  Roxanne.  What use is a moose?  Can you cook?â��
    �No, not really, � said the shy Roxanne.
                 â��Can you fly?â��
                â��Iâ��m not sure.â��
                â��Can you land nimbly on rooftops?â��
                â��Iâ��m not sure.â��
                â��Oh dear, sighed Santa,  â��Iâ��m sorry,â�� he said ,â�� but Iâ��m afraid a moose is just no use.â��                              
               â��Santa,â�� said Roxanne meekly.                                                                                                       â��Yes Roxanne.â��
                  â��My antlers light up.â��
        â��Your antlers light up?â��
        â��Yes, Santa,â��  said Roxanne, almost apologetically.
        â��Well , said Santa. â��This is a moose of  a different colour. But it seems you get lost.â��
    �I�m afraid so, Santa.�

                                                                                                              2 Bamford

              â��Never mind, so does Rudolph.  We only make it through Christmas because one of the elves can read a compass.  But can you fly?  Try Roxanne.â��                                                                    Roxanne lifted her front legs and jumped but Iâ��m afraid that was all she could do.
        â��Never mind .  We have magic dust that we can sprinkle on you so you can fly.  Now letâ��s see those antlers.â��
        Roxanne smiled and her antlers lit up.  It was glorious to see  They sparkled, they danced,
    they glowed like Northern Lights.
        â��Wonderful Roxanne,â�� said Santa.  â��Where did you learn to do that?â��
        â��My whole family can do it,â�� said Roxanne. â�� And Santa, the North Pole is nice but after we finish our trip, if we do make a trip, could we save enough magic dust so that I could go back to Toronto, Ontario where my family lives?â��
        â��Certainly,â��  said Santa,  â��but listen Roxanne, Rudolph hasnâ��t missed a trip in fourty years, so itâ��s most likely that we wonâ��t be able to use you this Christmas.  Maybe next Christmas.â��
        â��Yes, Santa,â�� said Roxanne.  Her heart was breaking.
        Just then Kyrik,  another one of  Santaâ��s elves came rushing into the shed. â��Santaâ��, he said, â��Rudolph  says he has a cold in his nose and it wonâ��t light up.!â��
        â��Oh no,â�� said Santa.  â��Whatever are we going to do?  Christmas is just three days away.!â��
        â��I know,â�� said Roxanne.  â��Let Rudolph sleep and take it easy and Iâ��ll guide Santaâ��s
           So thatâ��s exactly what they did and Christmas too they took along Santaâ��s twelve grandchildren and their dogs Ruphus, Raphael and Gabriel.
        And everyone said what a fine job Roxanne did and Roxanne was very happy and when the trip was over and they did finally touch down in Toronto, there was Roxanneâ��s family

                                                                                                             3 Bamford

    all lit up and  twinkling like sparklers, waiting for her.
                     So have a very merry Christmas and take care.  And if you happen to see any moose prints on your roof top this year donâ��t be surprised.  Itâ��s just Roxanne the moose helping Santa out.   So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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    I'll have to share this story with the grandkids.

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      Thanks Habee.  I have no grand kids to share it with but I share your love of children and British and American literature.  Glad to meet you!