Is there a book that will help me organize my life?

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  1. Acmontero profile image60
    Acmonteroposted 5 years ago

    Is there a book that will help me organize my life?

    I feel lost, out of place. I wish there was a book that would guide me through life's ups and downs. Is there any book out there that can give me a boost in the right direction? I need advice and assistance on every aspect in life.

  2. Faith Reaper profile image86
    Faith Reaperposted 5 years ago

    The only book in my lifetime that has done what you are asking is the Holy Bible, as it is the active and living Word of God.  Just letting you know what has worked for every issue I have ever had in my life.  I would suggest to start reading in the New Testament in the Gospel of John, maybe.  God bless.

  3. Mhatter99 profile image82
    Mhatter99posted 5 years ago

    Yes! The book that you write.(If you think this was meant to be funny, think again.)

    1. Acmontero profile image60
      Acmonteroposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The book I write ... huh? Thought about it.

  4. sunilkunnoth2012 profile image24
    sunilkunnoth2012posted 5 years ago

    I advise you to read the book "You Can Win" written by an Indian Author Mr Shiv Khera.  "How to win friends....." by Dale Carnegie also will change your life tremendously if you pay serious attention to the advised contained therein.

  5. ansonabey profile image78
    ansonabeyposted 5 years ago

    YOU CAN WIN by Shiv Khera. One of the best book that teaches you how to focuss your mind, how to set to your goals and how to achieve it.

  6. Neverletitgo profile image76
    Neverletitgoposted 5 years ago

    Yes, it is the Holy Koran since it is the final message from God(Allah). Please read that and I am sure that you will get tranquility. Look what this "Quote from the Holy Quran (2 - 2)
    ذلك الكتاب لا ريب ۛ فيه ۛ هدى للمتقين
    Thalika alkitabu la rayba feehi hudan lilmuttaqeena
    This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun [the pious and righteous persons who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)].Quote from the Holy Quran (2 - 3)
    الذين يؤمنون بالغيب ويقيمون الصلاة ومما رزقناهم ينفقون
    Allatheena yuminoona bialghaybi wayuqeemoona alssalata wamimma razaqnahum yunfiqoona
    Who believe in the Ghaib and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and spend out of what we have provided for them [i.e. give Zakat, spend on themselves, their parents, their children, their wives, etc., and also give charity to the poor and also in Allah's Cause ]. Quote from the Holy Quran (2 - 4)
    والذين يؤمنون بما أنزل إليك وما أنزل من قبلك وبالآخرة هم يوقنون
    Waallatheena yuminoona bima onzila ilayka wama onzila min qablika wabialakhirati hum yooqinoona
    And who believe in (the Quran and the Sunnah) which has been sent down (revealed) to you (Muhammad Peace be upon him) and in [the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel), etc.] which were sent down before you and they believe with certainty in the Hereafter. (Resurrection, recompense of their good and bad deeds, Paradise and Hell, etc.).
    Quote from the Holy Quran (2 - 5)
    أولئك على هدى من ربهم ۖ وأولئك هم المفلحون
    Olaika AAala hudan min rabbihim waolaika humu almuflihoona
    They are on (true) guidance from their Lord, and they are the successful.
    First part is Arabic, original words from Quran or Koran. Second part is how to pronounce. The last is translation in English. If you need help let me know.

  7. Phenomenalapse profile image77
    Phenomenalapseposted 5 years ago

    I highly recommend "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferris and "The Art of Non-Conformity" by Chris Guillebeau. They are both definitely at least worth looking into despite bestseller status and cultural followings to back them up and from personal experience I haven't seen self-help books ever resonate with me on the level of these.

  8. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    I would highly recommend the Holy Bible. It has every answer to any question you may have.

  9. Beata Stasak profile image83
    Beata Stasakposted 5 years ago

    Dr Russ Harris: 'The Happiness Trap' has done the trick for me, I have reflected
    on my hub bellow if you are interested to know more what it is all about. Hope it is helpful:) All the best for finding the way that is best for you:) … her-people


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