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What are you writing today?

  1. starstream profile image78
    starstreamposted 4 years ago

    What are you writing today?

  2. bizarrett81 profile image69
    bizarrett81posted 4 years ago

    Part three to my short story Vanished that I have on here. Its been months since I posted part two, and its hard to remember everything!

  3. jgwhite66 profile image83
    jgwhite66posted 4 years ago

    I was writing a hub regarding my favourite food, curry. Hoping people will try my recipe :-)

  4. Greensleeves Hubs profile image96
    Greensleeves Hubsposted 4 years ago

    I always have several hubs on the go at the same time, so that if my inspiration dries up on one, I can turn to another. If I get bored with one, I can rekindle my enthusiasm by writing about something else. Thus at the moment I've actually got 12 hubs started but some won't get finished for several weeks or even months.This evening I'll be writing about Tug-of-war, plants in mythology, and the film 'Alien'. Hopefully the creative juices will flow for at least one of these subjects!!!

  5. K J Page profile image61
    K J Pageposted 4 years ago

    I am in the middle of writing two books. Just finished editing two others ready for print at the same time as painting a cover for someone else's book. When I am not doing that I am on the road....

  6. ColleenMcLain profile image60
    ColleenMcLainposted 4 years ago

    I am putting the finishing paragraphs on my lates novel, "Just Like in Key Largo."  The story toook a dramic turn yesterday - put me some place I didn't expect but am delighted to be.

    Thank you for asking!

  7. married2medicine profile image67
    married2medicineposted 4 years ago

    Medicine, medicine, medicine... All on fitness and health. But as well, I am reading a very interesting Novel, one that has refused me leaving my seat for the past 3 hours until I'm done and I am sure I will dream about the story and still be swimming in awe of such a wonderful book. It is title "The Soul Talkers" by Funom Makama. Trust me when I say! You will as well feel the heat of this book if you read it.
    cheers and hoping to publish my next article soon!