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If you win the lottery, would you write more or less?

  1. Joel Diffendarfer profile image93
    Joel Diffendarferposted 3 years ago

    If you win the lottery, would you write more or less?

    Once a day, as part of my routine, I walk to the local convenience store, partly to clear my head or concentrate on an aspect of an article or story I am currently working on.  And, everyday, I buy a lottery ticket...I sometimes wonder...if I win "big"  would I continue to write or would it change what I would write.  If you were to win "big" at the lottery, would it change how or what you write?

  2. Jodah profile image91
    Jodahposted 3 years ago

    Well first off I'd write a hub "How To Win The Lottery", then we'd see.

  3. Electro-Denizen profile image84
    Electro-Denizenposted 3 years ago

    Yes, I'd definitely write more. After a day's work, I usually feel too tired to get really creative... Furthermore, away from the constraints of writing to be acceptable in some way (perhaps with a view to making money), I would probably go off-roading with my writing!

  4. ThomasFoolery profile image74
    ThomasFooleryposted 3 years ago

    Without Question....I would write WAAAY more. Writing for a living is feast or famine, in the Northeast at least. Maybe fund a private writers organization or magazine or something. To be honest, I currently live in a 20x20 cabin surrounded by woods on the outskirts of Boston, with legit nearly no amenities, and if I hit it "big", I'd probably just buy firewood. Great question!!!

  5. M. T. Dremer profile image94
    M. T. Dremerposted 3 years ago

    I would definitely view the lottery money as something finite. Other than interest, there is nothing to keep giving you money (I would quit my job). So I would keep writing and I would use the money to self promote. Taking out ads in various places would elevate the awareness of the books I've written so that, if the lottery money was ever gone, I would have created a whole new revenue source for myself.

  6. askformore lm profile image73
    askformore lmposted 3 years ago

    Yes, if I won the lottery then I would write a lot more! Because I would be writing a lot of checks smile

    1. nadinelopo profile image60
      nadinelopoposted 3 years agoin reply to this


    2. Joel Diffendarfer profile image93
      Joel Diffendarferposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      ...too funny...

  7. FatFreddysCat profile image99
    FatFreddysCatposted 3 years ago

    If I won the lottery and didn't have to work anymore, HubPages would be totally sick of me because I'd have time to embark on my 957-part Hub series in which I post a review of each and every single album that I own, in alphabetical order. It's my dream project. big_smile

  8. nadinelopo profile image60
    nadinelopoposted 3 years ago

    I'd write more! I wouldn't have to work my day job or do much of anything i didn't want to do. I enjoy writing so that's how I'd choose to spend my time.
    I don't think I'd be posting hubs any more frequently, I think I'd take my shot at writing a novel.

  9. alancaster149 profile image85
    alancaster149posted 3 years ago

    I would be able to get my books off quicker, with more cash stashed away get them published three times a year (I could write a book in three or four months, Ellery Queen did it in less).
    I'd buy a bigger house and do one room up as a library, shelves almost all the way around (including under the window/s - got to leave space for the door, unless I have a stair-well that leads up/down into the middle of the room; with a phone that blocked nuisance calls I wouldn't get disturbed as often as I do now; I'd have coffee/tea-making facilities with a fridge for snacks - and a self-contained w.c - a home within a home!).
    ... How about a home with a sea and moor view on the eastern edge of the Cleveland (Yorkshire) Hills, and an old Land Rover to get about? You've got the saliva running now, lad!

    1. Joel Diffendarfer profile image93
      Joel Diffendarferposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      wow...I want you to win the lottery!!  Can I stop in for a visit?

    2. alancaster149 profile image85
      alancaster149posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Soon as I win the Lottery/Euromillions - I'll bring a bottle of Black Grouse with me and we can watch the Amish roll by in their carriages

  10. PatriciaTL profile image82
    PatriciaTLposted 3 years ago

    I definitely would continue to write, particularly since it's never had much to do with money as far as I am concerned.  I simply enjoy writing and can't imagine not doing it.  Winning "big" at the lottery certainly might give me some more material, though.

  11. brandymmiller profile image61
    brandymmillerposted 3 years ago

    I would write more, but that's because writing is something I do because I love it. The money is not my main motivation, it's just a way to pay the bills so I can keep writing.

  12. Rod Marsden profile image76
    Rod Marsdenposted 3 years ago

    Right now I'm writing a story about this guy who does win big on the lottery but is haunted by this woman from his past.

    As to the question, I'd probably write as much but have more to say. When it comes to real estate, for example, I'm more or less on the outside looking in. I have my own unit I'm paying off but I'm far from a big mover and shaker in that game. I understand that my country is being ripped up and transformed into something strange and different just so big money makers can make more money. If I were a millionaire I would no doubt have a greater understanding of what is going on from the inside.

    Yes. What I wrote about would change to some extent. I would still be concerned about the environment and also about people. I would simply be able to attack problems and questions from new angles.

    There is research that would take me half a decade to complete as my finances stand today. I could complete this research in less than a year with a lottery win.

    1. Joel Diffendarfer profile image93
      Joel Diffendarferposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      very cool...love the concept...my favorite writing is more along the lines of Ellery Queen and Stephen King...(whoa,  just realized...that's weird...), and yes...and, I agree...my writing would probably be more from the eccentric part of my heart...

    2. Rod Marsden profile image76
      Rod Marsdenposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Joel.

  13. Joel Diffendarfer profile image93
    Joel Diffendarferposted 3 years ago

    hmm...lots of great responses..but now....my turn..
    If I would win...I would create a design studio with large windows overlooking a dramatic seascape...the studio itself would host any writer/creators...a large lounge..a library that would require sliding ladders...and, of course, pinball machines...

  14. daydreamer13 profile image59
    daydreamer13posted 3 years ago

    I don't think it would change my writing much. That's an interesting question because it's hard to imagine. Thank you for giving me something to think about.