Describe the differences between BAD and EVIL without using the actual words?

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Describe the differences between BAD and EVIL without using the actual words?

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    dohn121posted 2 years ago

    It all boils down to intent.  A person's intent defines exactly which kind of person they are.  For instance, if you intended to help a homeless person by giving them money for food and they then instead use the money for drugs and end up overdosing, are you in the wrong? Your money was used to eventually kill someone.  But your intent was noble.  The homeless person asked you for money for food, yet they used it for drugs...One can argue that it was poetic justice on their part for doing so and so they paid the consequences of such a sin with their life.

    I'll give you another one: A desperate, penniless mother walks into a convenience store and steals a loaf of bread to feed her hungry children back home.  She is caught on camera by the clerk and so is detained until the police arrive.  Should she be arrested?  My answer is no. She should be let go.  Moreover, she should be given aid by those who are able, in the form of food, proper shelter and perhaps clothing.  She should not be punished for feeding her hungry children.

    On the other hand, if a junky robs the very same convenience store with the iINTENT to take the money to buy drugs to get high, then that person should of course be severly punished without question.

    See the difference?

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    One is a mild form of transgression while the other is a more extreme form of transgression.  The first is equivalent to a venial sin while the other is definitely a mortal sin.  One is forgivable while the other is beyond forgiveness. 

    It is the difference between committing a crime which there would be a short prison sentence & one which a lifetime prison sentence without parole is a very high likelihood.  It is analogous between the bite of a king cobra and an inland taipan.  It is also the difference between punching someone and beating that person so bad that h/she is permanently injured.

    One act is 10 degrees while the other is 1000 degrees.  It is mild negativity verses extreme, malevolent negativity.  It is the difference between using an epithet and advocating the total annihilation of a whole group of people.  It is the difference between using corporal punishment on a child and leaving a child out in the freezing weather to die. One is terrible while the other is horrific.

    One is upper hell while the other is the lowest part of hell. One can be redeemable while the other is beyond unredeemable. One may or may not know the extent or intent of his/her acts & actions while the other know the full extent &/or intent of his/her acts & actions but could not care less. One is the darkest gray while the other can be classified as pitch black or blacker than the blackest black.  One is morally or ethically wicked while the other is morally or ethically bankrupt, dissolute,  & even debauched.

    Possessing a lower state of consciousness & awareness versus the most abject form of consciousness & awareness imaginable.  One is succumbing to the worse of one's nature while one is being totally demoniac, even satanic in scope.  It is being envious versus being a total soul destroyer.  It is also being callous versus being totally pitiless.