The Invisible King

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  1. ajpritam profile image59
    ajpritamposted 8 years ago

    (Written on 7th December,2009)

    ( This is a fun-writing which I think will be easily eatable for boys and girls)

    [Are you a strong devotee of God?Then please dont follow this article, you may get hurt which I dont really want.My underlying intention is never to hurt anybody, although I may fail to bring joy to one]

    Out in the sky there is an invisible king who has created this world and has set the rules for it.Exactly where he lives nobody knows.Many men say many different addresses.Some say he is concealed in the sky while some say his dwelling is within our minds or some say he is everywhere.Dispersed evenly and uniformly in every place starting from the unseeable atom to the unending space.Somehow bizarre to hear at first but widely accepted as a fact.

    No matter where he lives,he is there -invisible but definite-as is believed by
    large.Respectfully,lovingly and fondly he is called 'God' by his fans and followers.Everything we see or sense inside and outside us has been disigned by him,this invisible king.Starting from nothing to everything has been contrived by him,this invisible king.Every piece of particle in his kingdom has been engineered by him,very thoughtfully and carefully.

    He is a genius.A genuine genius.Undoubtedly.All the rhythms and beautiful patterns that we find in nature are the proofs of his astounding aesthetic senses.All the complications that we find in a human head are the proofs of his infinte intelligence level.He is truly the king of stature.All-powerful.Unique.The one.Nobody knows how he came into picture to create the world or in other words, how he,the King himself was being created is known to none.That is still a "Good Question " to many of us,which is hard to answer at once. OK, the statement that "it is hard to answer at once" is not totally true since there is an instant easy answer to it, which has been given by an ancient few: He,being all-mighty has created himself.He is self-generated.Easy answer indeed:Almighty from nothing !!(note that, they dont dare to think that the present universe has been spontaneously generated from nothing ; but they can easily think that all of a sudden this Super-Conscious Almighty-King came into existence from nothing.Strange but true.Anyway let us accept this answer and lets have a look on this king's kingdom.The endless uniververse is his realm which he made completely of his own after he defeated his enemy:The Evil (whose origin is also questionable).And here within his kingdom in a very tiny place called Earth he set up a game or to better name it ,a drama.

    He is the writer,director and the sole appreciator of this drama.He does not directly clap or criticize anybody's performances here,rather when the artists of the play quit from the stage and go in the dressing room to get ready for another role (meaning another life after death) he praises them or punishes them there.During the act on the stage he does not disrupt or intervene.Instead, he sits,sees and throughly enjoys the drama.In this drama all sorts of entertainment-elements are present.Like a bollywood movie.There is action or war everywhere in nature, particularly in the animal kingdom.There is blood-shed cruelty and ripple less peace as well. In this drama directed by him,there is arousing bed scene and heart-holding rape scene also.There is music and dance sequence too in the nature.In fact,there is every element for amusement in this drama;all kinds of 'masalas' to make it the most entertaining-watch,to make the play the king's delight.All players dont perceive his presence though.He being the Almighty- King, does not make any public appearance, instead he communicates to his believers only and that even entirely through dreams .Being omipotent-the most important-he does not give any explicit interview to anybody.He enjoys being invisible.He chooses to stay out of public reach.Like a superstar celebrity.He makes his presence felt only if you support him by believing and followig him.Otherwise he never gives you his invisible autograph of blessings.In this regard, he is highly diplomatic,highly political.Although he has a very good public image that he equally loves all but one can clearly see his scratchy partiality everywhere.One is oppressor and another is oppressed.I know there lies the fun in the game,there lies the thrill in the play which the king is relishing.But then the fans and followers of the invisible King are putting a wrong image of their beloved and respected boss in the public.The invisible king is not as good as he is being portrayed.I guess that he does not make any public appearance simply because he is highly afraid of handling too many complains from the human-mass.He pretends to be all-merciful in front of his followers (he lets them know this through their dreams or subconscious thought ) ,which he is really not and I heavily suspect that he is truly fearful to get a public thrash for most of his actions and thoughts. He is merely a deaf, dumb and handicapped watcher of all the events occurring on the surface of earth.OK I'm sorry,perhaps he is not deaf, dumb or handicapped but he is merely a fun-loving movie-buff who is really realishing every bit of pieces taking place here on the earth.For sure he will not interfere as police does when there is crime.He will sit calm and cool even while seeing a girl being gang raped,he will sit calm and cool even during the massacare of children in a gas chamber or in front of bullets.To him,all these are nothing but fun,they are just 'masalas' in the drama set by him, to savour.

    1. khawfash profile image60
      khawfashposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Too much reading for the forum.  You should hub it.

  2. dyonder profile image73
    dyonderposted 8 years ago

    Well put & good read. Thanx 4 sharin - should really be a hub; would make an exceptional play.

  3. profile image0
    Home Girlposted 8 years ago

    Read a Bible,dude, these stories have been told much better there... sorry, no offence meant.

    1. dyonder profile image73
      dyonderposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Have read the bible numerous times over the years, even keep my great grandfather's close by to peruse from time to time. Always love reading others interpretations - it opens the mind & is less painful than a can opener.
      From a literary perspective the bible is almost painful to read - but it does bring interesting things out of others.

  4. GooGooGal09 profile image61
    GooGooGal09posted 8 years ago

    Hi, ajpritam. Though I admit I do not agree with you entirely, your piece was an interesting read. Expressing our views is the first step to learning, and I admire you for being able to discuss something so personal. I sincerely hope you gain some knowledge through this. (I in no way mean that disrespectfully.) Good luck in the future!


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