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Do you take enough risks as a writer to get your work seen?

  1. yecall profile image69
    yecallposted 22 months ago

    Do you take enough risks as a writer to get your work seen?

  2. Tusitala Tom profile image61
    Tusitala Tomposted 22 months ago

    Not quite sure what you mean by this question.  Take risks in writing?   Are you talking about being voluntarily vulnerable by placing your own feelings on the line, perhaps through you characters (if the work is fiction)  or being risque or even downright vulgar.  What do you mean?

    Or do you mean some blatantly risky ploy in the field of marketing?   Again, just what do you mean?

  3. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 22 months ago

    I took some risks recently, and they have paid off nicely.

    What did I do? I joined a bunch of very large groups on facebook. I'm talking about groups with ten thousand or more members. So when I share something related to the group, it gets me a lot of traffic.

    1. Tusitala Tom profile image61
      Tusitala Tomposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Good for you, Wesman Todd Shaw.  Sounds like a very good idea.

  4. yecall profile image69
    yecallposted 22 months ago

    Well Tusitala Tom, I just mean sending out work to high paying markets or good- paying markets and risking massive rejection.  Some writers take this in stride and don't care about the rejection but others don't send out that often because of rejection fear.  However, being vulnerable in your writing is a good interpretation of this question as well.

  5. Stella Kaye profile image88
    Stella Kayeposted 22 months ago

    Probably not, but what sort of risks do you mean exactly? Writers should be confident in their writing whatever the audience or the possible feedback, be it positive or negative but there are often compromises and connotations particularly if the writing is of a personal nature.

  6. WordCrafter09 profile image78
    WordCrafter09posted 22 months ago

    There are a number of different reasons for my writing, so I'm not talking about writing "Internet articles" (no matter how glossified and informative they may need to be these days) here.  As far as they go, I know what to do in order to make money with them.  And, I don't see them involving any kind of risk.  I don't see "marketing approach/es" as "risk" , probably because I have little interest in writing or reading that kind of stuff these days.  (I'm interested only in non-fiction whole-books and/or heavy-duty "research-type" stuff.)

    With all the other "big mix" of stuff I write/have written I'm free to take risks if I want to but either don't want to or don't care enough about what I've written (at least thus far and online).  There are also no "personal vulnerability risks" involved because the personal stuff I've written is either so old it has little do with my present, or else its "depth" is very limited.  (I have at times been concerned that people who don't know better and/or don't know me better might interpret some things I write as "pouring out one's heart" or as something other than my just making good use of my own writing skills (again, for a number of different reasons); online or in person, though, I know when I want to draw any lines of "risk".)

    Anyway, back to the "getting the stuff out there" thing:  Right now, I don't even want what I've written "out there".  I don't care who reads it and who doesn't.  I have reasons for wanting some stuff to be available online (at least to some people), and I have reasons to want to reorganize some stuff in a way that will amount to its being more worthy of expecting readers for reasons other than some of my more individual and personal ones.  If/when I have anything that I see as worth (and worthy of) being marketing I won't any marketing approaches I take as matters of risk. 

    For now, the stuff I have online either has so much mileage on it it's nothing new anyway, or else it isn't worth doing anything with anyway. There's only so much I'll ever put online anyway

    I have not only risked, but forfeited, potential income by doing some of things I've done with my online line that way I've done them; but I have my many reasons/aims; and one of them is to build a solid foundation on which I can build something far more solid than, say, the latest Thing that "everyone is doing" to promote their online stuff.

    I don't care who likes/doesn't like what I write.  I just don't.

  7. tamarawilhite profile image90
    tamarawilhiteposted 22 months ago

    I have dozens of stories on hubpages, and I have contributed to two dozen anthologies.
    My greater success as a writer has been finding the niche of non-fiction writing I can get paid for, typically as a ghost writer, in order to earn a living.